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High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 2

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    forgot my password and had to sign up again.
    anyways, close matchup up until the very end.
    Looks like I will be taking the 2nd place.
    Looking back, not a bad season considering I missed out on the draft.
    Next year should be interesting.


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      I think I'm holding on to 2nd actually.

      I hope.


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        I'll be looking to make some trades in the offseason.
        The untouchables (keepers) are

        Jamie 'Art Ross' Benn
        Alex 'Rocket' Ovechkin
        Erik 'Norris' Karlsson
        Evgeni Malkin
        Shea Weber

        Everyone except these 5, including Hall, Kessel, McDonagh, Fleury, Varlamov, Brodie, and Sedin, are available.
        I'm primarily looking for upgrades on keepers.


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          Choi, you didn't need to sign up again; I moved the site from phpBB to vBulletin and all of the passwords needed to be reset. You can just click the forgot password/username link and a reset will be sent to the email address you used to register your original account; ****** (I can PM you the full address if you forget it, I just didn't want to post it all here to protect your privacy).


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            Darn. 3rd place... not bad I guess.

            And Josh, I think I will stick to this new account, because I actually don't use that email account anymore.
            Thank you though :)


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              Originally posted by choi. View Post
              Darn. 3rd place... not bad I guess.

              And Josh, I think I will stick to this new account, because I actually don't use that email account anymore.
              Thank you though :)
              I can change the email address so that you can use your current address to recover the account.. I can also merge the two accounts if you'd like?


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                Another 4th place but easily my best season yet. Clearly the key is actually being at the draft. Maybe next season I'll even start using waivers regularly! Second bottom in the league in transaction, sheesh.

                Keepers atm:

                I think I'm going to stick to the defensive trio of Doughty, OEL, and Keith, but am willing to entertain offers for the latter two.

                In goal, if you would like one or both of Dubnyk and Quick, hit me up.

                Up front, I dunno, Neal and Datsyuk are still pretty dependable but not as safe guarantees any more. Bozak, Tatar, Lucic, Okposo could all do well next season.

                If you like the sound of any of those names (basically the only untouchable is Doughty and almost OEL), let me know. I am looking for more obvious keepers and picks in the top 4-5 rounds.


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                  KEEPER CANDIDATES:

                  Jonathan Toews, Sean Monahan, Tyler Seguin, Max Pacioretty, Patrick Kane, PK Subban, John Klingberg, Victor Hedman, Dustin Byfuglien, Carey Price.

                  Listening to offers for those players except Carey Price, PK Subban, Tyler Seguin, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.


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                    Happy I'm holding on to the 2nd overall pick. 2nd and 7th picks in the 1st round. Nice.


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                      Really happy to win this year.

                      Although I got some good players in the draft (even ones that helped me get some of my players), I think I won based more on free agent signings and trading. And obviously my keepers as well. It's crazy to think Wideman, who finished 4th in D points, was a throw in to even out the Tarasenko trade. And picking up Faulk and Hudler as free agents were pretty good, too.

                      Special thanks to Victor for coming up big last week while my team was doing pretty average. I'll give you the 1st overall pick for that (jk :p). Good job to Choi and Mike, you guys were pretty close and made it come down to the last day of the regular season. Thanks to Josh for running it.

                      If anyone has any interest in D. Sedin, Phaneuf, Stone, Zetterberg, Hudler or Rinne let me know.


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                        20 year old 30 goal scorer SEAN MONAHAN will be traded this off season. Let the trade offers come in.

                        VICTOR HEDMAN is on the block.

                        PM me offers.
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                          We have a deal to announce.

                          The Seoul Spartans trade
                          Corey Crawford and Spartans' 6th round draft pick

                          To the Ottawa Silver Seven
                          In exchange for
                          Pekka Rinne and Hounds' 11th round draft pick.


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                              HUGE congratulations to Brandon and the Ottawa Silver Seven for the their second championship title in three years and a dominant season. OSS made some very solid trades this season, acquiring Tarasenko, Zetterberg, Boychuk, Pietrangelo, and Rinne while maintaining a healthy draft position.

                              Congrats as well to Mike and the Second City Saints for a second consecutive runner-up finish. The SCS have never declined since coming into the league.

                              Andrew and the Seoul Spartans add another top-three finish to their list of achievements and deserve commendation as well.

                              Victor and the British Monarchs.. three fourth place finishes in six seasons. A top-three finish just has to be in the cards for them.

                              Sara and the Toronto Polar Bears also deserve a mention for finishing seventh of ten in their first season as an expansion team.

                              All in all, it was another great season, and our first as a 10-team league. As always, it's been a pleasure and I look forward to an exciting off season leading up to our 7th draft and season!


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                                Holy! A trade was made while I was typing that. Just goes to show how epic this league is :D

                                First post has been updated with the trade and so has the list of every team's picks.