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High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 2

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  • Josh
    started a topic High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 2

    High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 2

    The following is a list of draft pick trades made throughout the 2016-2017 season:

    Draft Pick Trades:

    November 17th - Sin Bins trade 3rd and 4th Round picks (along with Patrice Bergeron) to Lind Lightning
    November 17th - Lind Lightning trade 11th and 12th Round picks (along with Victor Hedman) to Sin Bins

    November 17th - Sin Bins trade 2nd and 6th Round picks (along with Drew Doughty and Mchael Del Zotto) to Panarin Bread
    November 17th - Panarin Bread trade 4th and 9th Round picks (along with Zach Werenski and Alex Galchenyuk) to Sin Bin.

    November 20th - Sin Bins trade 5th Round pick (along with Mark Stone, Andrei Markov, and Daniel Sedin) to Lind Lightning.
    November 20th - Lind Lightning trade 10th Round pick (along with Patric Hornqvist, Matt Niskanen, and Tomas Plekanec) to Sin Bins.

    List of All Picks Per Team:

    Aussie Stars (12 picks)
    Stars 1st
    Stars 2nd
    Stars 3rd
    Stars 4th
    Stars 5th
    Stars 6th
    Stars 7th
    Stars 8th
    Stars 9th
    Stars 10th
    Stars 11th
    Stars 12th

    Brock Lesnars (12 picks)
    Lesnars 1st
    Lesnars 2nd
    Lesnars 3rd
    Lesnars 4th
    Lesnars 5th
    Lesnars 6th
    Lesnars 7th
    Lesnars 8th
    Lesnars 9th
    Lesnars 10th
    Lesnars 11th
    Lesnars 12th

    Hades Filth Hounds (12 picks)
    Hounds 1st
    Hounds 2nd
    Hounds 3rd
    Hounds 4th
    Hounds 5th
    Hounds 6th
    Hounds 7th
    Hounds 8th
    Hounds 9th
    Hounds 10th
    Hounds 11th
    Hounds 12th

    Lind Lightning (12 picks)
    Lightning 1st
    Lightning 2nd
    Lightning 3rd
    Bins 3rd
    Lightning 4th
    Bins 4th
    Lightning 5th
    Bins 5th
    Lightning 6th
    Lightning 7th
    Lightning 8th
    Lightning 9th

    Ottawa Silver Seven (12 picks)
    Silver Seven 1st
    Silver Seven 2nd
    Silver Seven 3rd
    Silver Seven 4th
    Silver Seven 5th
    Silver Seven 6th
    Silver Seven 7th
    Silver Seven 8th
    Silver Seven 9th
    Silver Seven 10th
    Silver Seven 11th
    Silver Seven 12th

    Panarin Bread (12 picks)
    Bread 1st
    Bread 2nd
    Bins 2nd
    Bread 3rd
    Bread 5th
    Bread 6th
    Bins 6th
    Bread 7th
    Bread 8th
    Bread 10th
    Bread 11th
    Bread 12th

    Seoul Spartans (12 picks)
    Spartans 1st
    Spartans 2nd
    Spartans 3rd
    Spartans 4th
    Spartans 5th
    Spartans 6th
    Spartans 7th
    Spartans 8th
    Spartans 9th
    Spartans 10th
    Spartans 11th
    Spartans 12th

    Sin Bins (12 picks)
    Bins 1st
    Bread 4th
    Bins 7th
    Bins 8th
    Bins 9th
    Bread 9th
    Bins 10th
    Lightning 10th
    Bins 11th
    Lightning 11th
    Bins 12th
    Lightning 12th

    Toronto Polar Bears (12 picks)
    Bears 1st
    Bears 2nd
    Bears 3rd
    Bears 4th
    Bears 5th
    Bears 6th
    Bears 7th
    Bears 8th
    Bears 9th
    Bears 10th
    Bears 11th
    Bears 12th

    Wheeling Nailers (12 picks)
    Nailers 1st
    Nailers 2nd
    Nailers 3rd
    Nailers 4th
    Nailers 5th
    Nailers 6th
    Nailers 7th
    Nailers 8th
    Nailers 9th
    Nailers 10th
    Nailers 11th
    Nailers 12th

  • Josh
    This thread is well over 800 posts and some members are having issues loading it. Here is the new thread:

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  • Be The Thunder
    What does that have to do with dropping old dead weight? Not a damn thing.

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  • Dean Ambrose
    Josh did it because he got a draft pick 5 rounds ahead of the one he traded away lmao

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  • Be The Thunder
    Teams do it all the time. Josh also just did it with Markov. With Plekanec I did it because I was overloaded with Centers and Nikolaj Ehlers was on the Waiver Wire and I needed to replace Daniel Sedin in that deal. Josh had no LW player even close to the quality of Ehlers so he gave me Plekanec and I dropped him for Ehlers. Once again I will have an overload of Centers and if I can pick up another position of need that is an upgrade I will do so. If there isn't anyone when the time comes to make the move than Zajac will stay.

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  • Dean Ambrose
    why would you trade for someone who won't be on your team for very long then? It's just wasting assets; same thing with Plekanec where you immediately dropped him.

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  • Be The Thunder
    Zajac won't be on my team for very long. Cam Talbot has a much better chance of getting Wins than Hellebuyuk this season as Helly wasn't going to be a long term project anyway. I have already picked up a strong possible keeper off the Waiver Wire and hope to pick up another as well. I have unloaded several pieces of old dead weight off my team that I have seen people drop like Markov. If Evander Kane can stay healthy he has potential to be productive as well and he is young as well. He bounced back pretty damn quick from several broken ribs. Plus my LW position went from being old and not so great to pretty damn solid in just a few days with Marchand, Ehlers, Landeskog, and E. Kane. We shall see what happens.

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  • Dean Ambrose
    Draft picks are absolutely important.

    Its not just that tho... the first is your most valuable and you traded it in a deal where you were already getting inferior players, both in the short term and long term (E. Kane gets injured from the wind, Zajac is waiver fodder and long term, Hellebuyck > Talbot)

    all the best teams in this league built through the draft

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  • Be The Thunder
    Originally posted by Dean Ambrose View Post
    A 1st round pick involved in that deal? Jeeeeeesus
    I still don't think draft picks are that important. I may be totally wrong because you all have been in this league for several years and me just several days. When I joined though I looked over the Waiver Wire and there were many very good players sitting there for the taking. That is one reason I wish there were more than just 2 moves per week. Other than the Goalie position where there isn't much on the WW left there is still great players out there that just sit there. Those players were either not drafted at all in the 12 rounds or dropped so if you use the Waiver Wire correctly you can build a strong team without great draft picks in my opinion.

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  • Dean Ambrose
    A 1st round pick involved in that deal? Jeeeeeesus

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  • Be The Thunder
    Also Josh is there anyway to light a fire under the final 2 team owners Kevin & Owen to vote on whether to keep the moves at 2 or move it up to 3? Right now as it stands the Yes vote only needs 1 more vote to get this passed up to 3 moves per week. Just wondering. At this rate if they never get on the site the vote will never end.

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  • Be The Thunder
    Update on the slim pickings on who is now on the Trade Block for the Sin Bins team: D: Nick Holden, C: Adam Henrique, C: Travis Zajac.

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  • Alfie11
    Trade accepted

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  • Be The Thunder
    Another draft pick bites the dust. I sure hope to hell I am right and these draft picks aren't that major in next years draft. :)

    Just made a trade with Alfie11(Ottaw Silver Seven)

    Here is the trade:

    Sin Bins trade: Henrik Zetterberg, Chris Kreider, Connor Hellebuyuk and my #1 Draft Pick to the
    Ottawa Silver Seven for Evander Kane, Travis Zajac, Cam Talbot and his #4 Draft Pick.

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  • Josh
    Lind Lightning three-day bonanza (not including pickup of Atkinson for injured Oshie):

    OUT - Hedman, Neal, Hornqvist, Niskanen, Plekanec, 10th, 11th, 12th

    IN - Pietrangelo, Bergeron, Sedin (Daniel), Stone (Mark), Stone (Michael), 3rd, 4th, 5th

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