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Preds Acquire P.K. Subban for Shea Weber

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    For you guys who understand French..interesting little read :-)


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      Originally posted by matchesmalone View Post
      Fair enough. But you just kind of said it like an obvious throw-away statement. There definitely is an argument to be made there. It's funny though, a friend of mine first broke this trade to me, and he was baffled about why Nashville would make this move. So I had to try to explain to him why it would make sense for Nashville. Subban is younger, and with Laviolette as the new coach they want a more fast-paced up-tempo game, and Subban fits that better, etc. Haha the best part is I even used the exact words to him "obviously Weber is the better defenseman, but it makes sense for Nashville because..."

      So I was pretty surprised to come on here and see that people are talking like Nashville won the trade in a landslide.

      That is a good point Josh. We'll see soon enough if it work out for them.
      If you think this site has reactions like this, check out the general consensus online. The opinion of most is that Weber is not the player he once was, although he's still a good player. His age is a good reason for this, as players around his age usually start declining. As I said, I think Weber has a lot of traits that are being underrated when evaluating the trade. Short term, I think Weber could be a more beneficial player to have on your team.

      I agree that it's a positive thing with the role Weber was used, but it's tough to say one player is better than the other because of that. Stamkos was in the middle of a 52 goal season and got left off the team in 2010. In 2014, it seemed like Canada was going for a perfect defensive team, and Subban just didn't fit that bill. Their game plan was to take care of their own end, and let the goals come.