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    Karlsson is still the man in Ottawa because he is the guy that makes the Sens team go. Even when he Defense may not be fantastic that night he still is the leader that gets this team going and makes good things happen. Without him on the team the team the Sens would be a mess. He is by far the teams MVP.


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      Originally posted by Matt the Aussie View Post
      And the crazy thing is, Karlsson wasn't happy with his performance last night. They mentioned it a few times in commentary and you could see it on the ice. Pretty solid game for anyone else.
      He's playing close to two minutes less per night this year than last year. Plus, he's spending more time on the PK and less time at even-strength and on the PP. Right now he's behind Burns, Weber and Markov in points, but I'm pretty sure he'll finish atop defensemen scoring again.

      He was already very good defensively in my eyes coming into this season, but he's taking it to a new level this season. Adding the PK to his resume, playing in an actual defensive system and under a pretty good defense is giving him a chance to show why he played so well defensively in the Olympics and World Cup. IMO not only is he the best defenseman in the league, but he's starting to pull away from the pack. Guys like Doughty, Subban, Keith, Hedman and Weber can fight it out for second-best/top-five spots on everyone's list - Karlsson's the sure fire #1.