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2018 World Junior Hockey Championships

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    Lias Anderson threw his silver medal into the crowd


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      Originally posted by Josh View Post

      I am too but I can't admit it. I cannot be excited about the Ottawa Senators as long as their owner continues his shenanigans.
      As excited as one can be haha


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        Lost a lot of respect for Lias Andersson here. How amateur and childish can you get?

        Surprising Sweden came so close to a gold when almost all of their top players under-performed. Lucky for them some depth players stepped up. Pettersson wasn't as dynamic as I'd hoped or expected, but did look consistently quite strong. Can't say the same about Alex Nylander. Yikes, he was bad. Constantly on the perimeter, I lost count of the number of times he just took a shot on net from the outside instead of trying to create a play or get into scoring position. Considering his injury issues too, he may very well be a flop.

        the only top player who played up to and exceeded expectations all tournament was Rasmus Dahlin. Good God that kid is something special. Just wow. His D partner for much of the tournament, Erik Brannstrom, I thought was really good throughout the tournament too.

        I didn't watch as many Canada games as I did Sweden or USA, but from what I saw, the one guy whose skill really popped out was Cale Makar.