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High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 4

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  • High on Hockey Keeper League - Part 4

    The following is a list of draft pick trades made throughout the 2017-2018 season:

    Draft Pick Trades:

    December 4th - Mike trades MIKE 5th round pick (along with Jack Eichel) to Wheeling Nailers.
    December 4th - Nailers trade NAIL 3rd round pick (along with Jonathan Drouin) to Mike.

    December 5th - Bridge City Nights trade BCN 4th and BCN 8th round picks (along with Auston Matthews and John Carlson) to Mike.
    December 5th - Mike trades MIKE 2nd and (conditional) 3rd round picks (along with Brock Boeser and Victor Hedman) to Bridge City Nights.
    Condition: The 3rd round pick going from Mike to the Nights will be the latest of Mike's own 3rd round pick and the Nailers' 3rd round pick.
    Condition Executed: Nights get MIKE 3rd.

    December 31st - Hades Filth Hounds trade HFH 2nd and HFH 4th round picks (along with Jeff Petry) to Lind Lightning.
    December 31st - Lind Lightning trade JOSH 11th and JOSH 12th round picks (along with Joe Pavelski) to Hades Filth Hounds.

    January 4th - Mike trades MIKE 8th round pick (along with Evgeni Malkin and Mika Zibanejad) to Wheeling Nailers.
    January 4th - Nailers trade NAIL 10th round pick (along with Frederik Andersen and Taylor Hall) to Mike.

    January 9th - Lind Lightning trade JOSH 10th round pick (along with Tuukka Rask and Wayne Simmonds) to Ottawa Silver Seven.
    January 9th - Ottawa Silver Seven trade OSS 8th round pick (along with Pekka Rinne and Sean Monahan) to Lind Lightning.

    March 5th - Aussie Stars trade AUS 5th round pick (along with Evander Kane) to Mike.
    March 5th - Mike trades MIKE 4th round pick to Aussie Stars.

    April 2nd - Lind Lightning trade conditional pick to Ottawa Silver Seven.
    April 2nd - Ottawa Silver Seven trade OSS 7th round pick (along with Anze Kopitar) to Lind Lightning.
    Condition: The pick going from Josh to the Silver Seven will be JOSH 4th round pick if Kopitar is healthy by the draft. Otherwise, it's JOSH 6th round pick.
    Condition Averted: pick traded back to Lind Lightning April 10th.

    April 3rd - Lind Lightning trade JOSH 2nd round pick (along with Jeff Carter) to Mike.
    April 3rd - Mike trades BCN 4th round pick (along with John Carlson) to Lind Lightning.

    April 10th - Lind Lightning trade JOSH 1st, 8th, and 9th round picks to Ottawa Silver Seven.
    April 10th - Ottawa Silver Seven trade OSS 1st, JOSH conditional pick acquired April 2nd, and OSS 5th to Lind Lightning.

    List of All Picks Per Team:

    Aussie Stars (12 picks)
    Stars 1st
    Stars 2nd
    Stars 3rd
    Stars 4th
    Mike 4th
    Start 6th
    Stars 7th
    Stars 8th
    Stars 9th
    Stars 10th
    Stars 11th
    Stars 12th

    Bridge City Nights (12 picks)
    Nights 1st
    Nights 2nd
    Mike 2nd
    Nights 3rd
    Mike 3rd
    Nights 5th
    Nights 6th
    Nights 7th
    Nights 9th
    Nights 10th
    Nights 11th
    Nights 12th

    Hades Filth Hounds (12 picks)
    Hounds 1st
    Hounds 3rd
    Hounds 5th
    Hounds 6th
    Hounds 7th
    Hounds 8th
    Hounds 9th
    Hounds 10th
    Hounds 11th
    Lightning 11th
    Hounds 12th
    Lightning 12th

    Lind Lightning (12 picks)
    Silver Seven 1st
    Hounds 2nd
    Lightning 3rd
    Lightning 4th
    Hounds 4th
    Nights 4th
    Lightning 5th
    Silver Seven 5th
    Lightning 6th
    Lightning 7th
    Silver Seven 7th
    Silver Seven 8th

    Mike's Team of Ever-Changing Names (12 picks)
    Mike 1st
    Lightning 2nd
    Nailers 3rd
    Stars 5th
    Mike 6th
    Mike 7th
    Nights 8th
    Mike 9th
    Mike 10th
    Nailers 10th
    Mike 11th
    Mike 12th

    Ottawa Silver Seven (12 picks)
    Lightning 1st
    Silver Seven 2nd
    Silver Seven 3rd
    Silver Seven 4th
    Silver Seven 6th
    Lightning 8th
    Silver Seven 9th
    Lightning 9th
    Silver Seven 10th
    Lightning 10th
    Silver Seven 11th
    Silver Seven 12th

    Seoul Spartans (12 picks)
    Spartans 1st
    Spartans 2nd
    Spartans 3rd
    Spartans 4th
    Spartans 5th
    Spartans 6th
    Spartans 7th
    Spartans 8th
    Spartans 9th
    Spartans 10th
    Spartans 11th
    Spartans 12th

    Wheeling Nailers (12 picks)
    Nailers 1st
    Nailers 2nd
    Nailers 4th
    Nailers 5th
    Mike 5th
    Nailers 6th
    Nailers 7th
    Nailers 8th
    Mike 8th
    Nailers 9th
    Nailers 11th
    Nailers 12th

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    Goalies: Andersen and Hellebuyck are on the trade wire.


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      S Harrington's Hair trades Evgeni Malkin, Mika Zibanejad and HAIR 8th round pick to Wheeling Nailers for Taylor Hall, Frederik Andersen & NAIL 10th round pick


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        at last my franchise keeper winger


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          Confirmed trade


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              Awesome. Glad to hear he's ok


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                wow I am going to get destroyed by the bye weeks this week


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                  I thought last week I was pretty close, but in the end the same result - got pasted


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                    Lind Lightning trade Tuukka Rask, Wayne Simmonds, and JOSH 10th round pick to Ottawa Silver Seven for Pekka Rinne, Sean Monahan, and OSS 8th round pick.


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                      Since December 31st, we've had a trade every 5 days. Who will be traded on January 14th?


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                        Cam Talbot, Clayton Keller, Henrik Zetterberg, and Ryan McDonagh are all available.


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                          I have 3 hits this week lol


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                            Owen's team should be named the Ottawa Blue Panther Sharks.

                            6 Blues
                            5 Panthers
                            5 Sharks
                            4 Senators
                            1 player from another team


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                              Originally posted by Josh View Post
                              Owen's team should be named the Ottawa Blue Panther Sharks.

                              6 Blues
                              5 Panthers
                              5 Sharks
                              4 Senators
                              1 player from another team
                              Someone take Kuzy. He's screwing up my theme.