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    he would. 3rd overall picks should (mostly) be slam dunks. Kotkaniemi isn't that, even if he is the best ranked centre in the draft but still in the 10 range. If we trade Pacioretty for a pick in that range, different story. If we come out of the draft with Tkachuk/Zadina AND Kotkaniemi in the 1st round... I'll love it (more so if it's Zadina than Tkachuk).

    I think we're taking Zadina though. Zadina was merely echoing what everyone already knows (our needs) but at 3rd overall, you take BPA.


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      I updated Post #10 again. I think I'm finally done. 130 skaters ranked into 8 classes and 2 goaltenders. I think we'll be able to use my rankings as a relatively accurate way of judging the draft.


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        Aw shit Goddamn! It is finally upon us. Honestly, I have hardly been following hockey for the past year, but today still feels like Christmas Eve (I am working nights, so will feel like Christmas morning when I wake up this afternoon... assuming I am not too excited to sleep).

        I haven't even peaked once at a single "professional" draft rankings, be it ISS or CSB or Bob McKenzie or Craig Button. So, yeah, Josh... pretty much all of my information going into this draft is coming from your list. And of course I looked at the EPs you linked to.

        So, maybe I am biased or something, but I would still take Zadina over Svechnikov. Was Zadina's first year playing North American hockey, and he adapted quickly. Svechnikov was disappointing at WJCs. They are so close, but the Sens want players who perform in crunch time (yes, I am part of the school that believes this team only needs a retooling and will be back in the hunt next season), and Zadina showed at WJCs that he is that guy.

        I am really hoping Zadina falls to the Sens at 4, but if not, I would still be ecstatic with any of Brady Tkachuk, Oliver Wahlstrom or Quinn Hughes. All look like pretty much sure things to be at least very good NHL players. And although maybe not as safe a bet as the two kids already performing at the college level, Wahltrom's upside is enormous, and I don't think anybody will be surprised if he ends up being one of the two or three best players in this draft.

        Bouchard is an interesting prospect, but I never put too much stock in defensemen who put up a ton of points in junior. Boqvist is on the other end of the spectrum - one of the younger players in the draft, he never really cracked a pro lineup full-time and doesn't look that impressive based on the numbers, but scouts must see something in him for him to be rated as highly as he is; will be interesting to see how high he goes and what he does next season.

        This reminds me, one nice thing about Bouchard, he is only stuck in junior for one more year before he'll be able to play AHL at 19, due to his late birthday, but man what a waste of a year. I mean, of course he'll continue to develop and get to play WJCs, but Hockey Canada, the NHL/AHL and CHL really need to reevaluate this system they have in place. There is no way a kid like this should still be stuck in junior after dominating the way he has. I've been saying for a while, this is a big part of the reason every other country is catching up to Canada at WJCs, when other country's kids get to play against men in college or pro, our kids are stuck playing junior until they are aged out from the tournament. Maybe some kind of exemption, where every NHL team can pick one prospect to play in the AHL under-aged. I mean, I guess I can't imagine the CHL agreeing to that, since that will still mean they lose up to 31 of their top players and draws every season. If we're lucky, perhaps the whole minimum-wage debacle will eventually lead to the CHL collapsing completely and all of the top players going on to play college hockey. I know, almost certainly nothing but a pipe-dream.

        On a different note, again, haven't really been following what the experts are saying, but holy Christ, what about this Jack Hughes kid? Putting up stupid numbers at above his age group everywhere he goes. Is he being considered in the Matthews/Eichel/Tavares tier of phenom prospects? Looks like it to me, except he didn't play World Juniors as a 16 year old... But his per game numbers at USDP are better than Matthews' were at the same age; well, same draft age, although he is half a year younger than Matthews was the year before his draft year.

        On one more note still, I told you Josh, Elias Pettersson is gonna be the real deal, and now he already led the SHL in scoring the year after being drafted.
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          Happy Filip Zadina to you and yours.


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            Originally posted by Josh View Post
            I feel like that's almost always said though.
            Ummmm, Bergevin likes to out do him self and get rid of the baby, the bath water and the whole fucking bathroom. All for bags of pucks.

            Originally posted by Dean Ambrose View Post
            I'd take Kotkaniemi anywhere from 7 on tbh but that's probably just because centre is such a big need for the Habs.

            DO NOT take anyone but Zadina or Svechnikov, whichever one is remaining, at #3 though.

            Galchenyuk - xxx (Tavares pls lol) - Gallagher
            Pacioretty - Drouin - Zadina
            Lehkonen - Danault - Byron

            I can dig it. Even better if we can also get Stastny for 2C, shift Drouin to wing, unload Pacioretty for a LHD. Then look forward to Poehling in 2019-2020.

            Galchenyuk?? You mean Domi right? You know Galchenyuk was traded right? Also I'm not even sure if Pacioretty will be a Canadien by the time the next season starts.

            I agree Zadina or Svechnikov but Bergevin knows how to be a tough GM and make a bank that even the Swiss would take notice of.

            Montreal and Ottawa sure look like they are going to have rough seasons ahead of them.


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              Originally posted by Kephryn View Post

              Galchenyuk?? You mean Domi right? You know Galchenyuk was traded right? Also I'm not even sure if Pacioretty will be a Canadien by the time the next season starts.

              I agree Zadina or Svechnikov but Bergevin knows how to be a tough GM and make a bank that even the Swiss would take notice of.

              Montreal and Ottawa sure look like they are going to have rough seasons ahead of them.
              He posted that before the trade!


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                Kephyrn you bloody goof! Rayzor's post you quoted was from weeks before Galchenyuk was traded.

                Originally posted by Dean Ambrose View Post

                he would. 3rd overall picks should (mostly) be slam dunks.
                85.7% to be NHL regulars with at least 400 games experience, based on drafts from '92 to '05.

                The Sens 4th pick yields an 81.25% chance, historically.

                The 22nd pick a bit of an anomaly with just a 31.25% chance to yield an NHL player, but we might gain more perspective if we break it down into batches of, say, the second half of the first round (picks 16-30) overall with a 44.16% chance. Picks 20-25 with a 48.96% chance.

                As I say every time, once you get past the second round, you're just looking for NHL players, anything more than that is superlative. But I believe that when you have extra picks late in the first round or early in the second round, you h a v e to swing for the fences (I use the same metaphor every year too). Nobody in Josh's tier V really blows my mind, except Kravtsov, but I suspect Kravtsov will be gone by then. So unless Kravtsov or someone from a higher tier is available at 22, I think the smart play would be to trade down for a couple of later picks, and take a couple of high-risk, high-reward players. I see Montreal has 35 and 38; wonder if they'd do 22 for 35 and 38. If not, the Isles have 41 and 43, but I'm not so sure that would be worth it... Maybe 31 and 46 from the Caps or 26 and 48 from the Rangers. There are a lot of possible plays around that pick. I like that.


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                  Really hoping Zadina falls to Ottawa, but the Sens are going to get a blue chip prospect no matter what tonight


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                    #1 - Buffalo selects Dahlin
                    #2 - Hurricanes select Svechnikov

                    Habs are up, they've kept their pick


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                      Montreal goes off the board, taking Kotkaniemi.

                      Sens can pick Zadina.


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                        ....and Ottawa selects Brady Tkachuk. Wow.


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                          Arizona goes with Hayton at #5.

                          Detroit has a chance to select Zadina at #6


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                            Detroit was all but taking a defenseman, but couldn't resist Zadina with him available at #6.


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                              Montreal and Ottawa fuck up, big surprise, wow.


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                                Ottawa's pick was still better than Monreal's and Arizona's. Detroit's the real winner here after Buffalo and Carolina.