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Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

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  • Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

    Senators backup goalie Robin Lehner has bought a big starter home he hopes to live in for a long time.

    Just like its former owner, fellow Swede Daniel Alfredsson.

    "I'm not going to go into details," Lehner told the Sun when asked the purchase price after Tuesday's practice. "But it was good for all parties."

    Alfredsson was looking to sell his Kanata estate when he signed in the summer with the Detroit Red Wings and brought his wife and four boys to Motown with him. Coincidentally, Lehner, 22, happened to be the market for the first time in his life. Since turning pro, Lehner has mostly bounced back and forth between Binghamton and Ottawa.

    "It's very nice," Lehner said of the house, which he says has one master bedroom and "a few kids rooms."

    A short drive from the Canadian Tire Centre, Lehner says the house is "a good size." but doesn't feel the house is too large for him and his girlfriend.

    They will have plenty of company.

    "I've got two dogs, too," he said. "When family comes over (from Sweden), I need rooms for them to stay in.

    "I haven't really had a life outside of hockey these last four years. It's just been hockey and a little travel here and there. Over the last four years, I've probably lived close to a year in a hotel. Now I have my base. Now I know where I am. Obviously I have to deserve to be here, earn a spot and stuff like that. But for now, I know I am here, I can have family coming over for the first time, my mom and my sister can come over for the first time in these four years. That's exciting.

    "It was a good investment, and it was just a nice fit for me, and I think it was a good fit for Alfie, too," he added. "It's good for my peace of mind."

    Lehner was in the house for a few weeks, with the Alfredssons, during one of his callups from Binghamton. He hopes to live in it this time for a decade or two.

    "It's something I can grow into," he said. "My biggest dream right now is to stay in this organization and play hockey here for my whole career. This is a good first step for me, to start getting the mindset that this is the place to be. Ottawa is the town I want to have as my new home."

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    Re: Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

    Good for him. Do we know what game he's starting this weekend (Buffalo or Toronto)?


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      Re: Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

      Probably neither. I would think they want to let Anderson have the back to back. We have a back to back with the Sharks and the ducks so I would think he gets a game there.


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        Re: Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

        Why would Alfie move from Ottawa for one year though?


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          Re: Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

          Because he plans on moving back to Sweden once he's done, would be my guess?


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            Re: Robin Lehner buys Alfie's house

            Good for Lehner, but yeah, that really makes it seem like Alfie isn't coming back. Oh well, time to turn the page.