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Chiarelli meets with Oilers

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  • Chiarelli meets with Oilers

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    Reports: Peter Chiarelli to join Oilers' front office

    The Edmonton Oilers have hired Peter Chiarelli as the team's new general manager and president of hockey operations amid a major front-office shakeup for the moribund NHL team.


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      It's like they never get rid of anyone, only add. How many people does that put their front office at now?? How will anything get done?!


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        Now confirmed:

        The Oilers shook up their front office in a big way, bringing in Peter Chiarelli as president and GM to replace Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish.


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          Wow. Oilers fans rejoice! I guess a replacement for Nelson is next. I'll be very curious to see what moves Chiarelli makes.


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            Yeah this is a huge step for the Oilers. One thing is for sure, it can't be worst really, it should only get better from here. I can see McDavid smiling a little more when he hears his name beeing called on draft day. ;)


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              Seems like the Oilers are pretty serious about rebuilding. Other than Chara, PC gave the Bruins an amazing defensive corps who weren't huge names until they joined the Bruins. Their forward group was made by great drafting outside of the 1st round - Milan Lucic, Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci,


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                I would say it's very likely that the Oilers do not re-sign Derek Roy; he was underwhelming in Edmonton and they have enough talent at C, especially with McDavid on the way.

                I think you've got the centre depth like this:

                Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
                Anton Lander
                Bogdan Yakimov (20)/Leon Draisatl (19)/Connor McDavid (18)

                I would suggest that if all five of those players were in their primes, they would only want to keep three of them. I think that Lander and Yakimov are the two lowest ones in terms of pedigree, but that Draisatl and even McDavid might not be ready for 2C/3C next season.

                So you see where Draisatl and McDavid are at. If you judge that they can both slot into the lineup immediately, you trade Lander and Yakimov. If only one of them is ready, you trade Yakimov, and if neither are ready then you let them both continue developing and keep Yakimov and Lander on board.


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                  Are there any D with potential in their farm team? Any goalie? It seems like this is where Chiarelli will have a lot on his plate.


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                    I don't know a ton of information about the Oilers system.

                    I think McDavid is ready for a #1 centre role next season. Will he be a bonafide #1 centre? Probably not. But he should be able to put up 55-65 points as a rookie, which is great. Him and RNH will make one hell of a 1-2 punch for years to come. I'm not familiar with Yakimov, but Lander has shown he'll be at least a good third line centre (potentially more).

                    They'll eventually have to deal some of their forwards. They have too many guys who will probably be big money players sooner rather than later. RNH, McDavid, Hall, Eberle, Yakupov.


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                      Originally posted by Jasmine
                      Are there any D with potential in their farm team? Any goalie? It seems like this is where Chiarelli will have a lot on his plate.
                      I think they have some alright D prospects, but nothing that blows you out of the water.


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                        I would have a blast in Chiarelli's shoes:

                        RE-SIGN: Schultz (RFA), Pitlick (RFA)
                        TRADE: Lander, Klinkhammer, Nikitin, Ference, Scrivens
                        ACQUIRE: Phaneuf (trade), Franson (signing), Niemi (signing) OR Ward (trade)
                        Hall - Nugent-Hopkins - Eberle
                        Pouliot - McDavid - Yakupov
                        Slepyshev - Draisatl - Purcell
                        Hendricks - Gordon - Pitlick

                        Phaneuf- Franson
                        Klefbom - Schultz
                        Nurse - Fayne



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                          Will be interesting to see all he does between now and training camp. This team will get a make over and maybe be a little sexier in the fall. :)