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  • OLD SITE - Post Editing

    Previously, anyone could edit their own posts without anyone else noticing. I decided to change this, in part because of the prediction league, but also because sometimes I will edit a post to correct a spelling mistake in the thread title, or to add a poll. I think the original author of the post deserves to know if I've edited it. I also think it will reduce potential confusion in the future, so that if a user responds to another users post, only to have that user change his post, others users will at least be able to see that the original post was edited.

    Now, when a post has been edited by anyone, a small bar will appear underneath the post indicated that it has been edited, the date and time of the most recent edit, and the number of total edits that have been made to the post. However, this will only apply to future edits and will not have any retroactive effect on posts that have already been edited.

    I have edited this post twice to show an example.