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  • Alfie likes what he sees

    Daniel Alfredsson played the role of spectator Friday night at the Bell Centre.

    He certainly liked what he saw from the Senators.

    After making the short trek to Montreal from his Detroit home to watch the club's 5-1 victory over the Canadiens in Game 5, the legendary former Senators' captain is pretty proud of what many of his former teammates have been able to accomplish by getting to the playoffs and making this a series against the Habs.

    Alfredsson made the decision to fly to Montreal at the last minute. He had hoped to attend one of the first two games in Ottawa but his schedule wouldn't allow it but he's been keeping a close eye on the Senators since they made their historic run down the stretch to qualify for a spot in the playoffs.

    "I've been trying to watch as many games as I can, but obviously with kids playing (sports), so when I can, I watch on TV at home," he said. "But down the stretch, especially the last few weeks, you really could see they had a good chance and I followed it pretty closely.

    "It's very impressive."

    After watching what they did to get a spot after being 14 points back, Alfredsson isn't the least bit surprised the Senators have been able to close the gap to 3-2 against the Habs heading into Sunday's Game 6 after Ottawa fell behind 3-0 and was on the verge of being swept.

    Given everything they've gone through, Alfredsson expected nothing less.

    "The way they were in every game. If you look at it, you're down 3-0, and it could have been up 2-1 or down 2-1 at the worst," said Alfredsson. "They had confidence that they were still playing and doing a lot of good things.

    "Now, Andy coming back in and playing really solid has been a big boost as well. They've shown, and I think most teams know, that they're never going to give up."

    Naturally, Alfredsson is still close with Senators' captain Erik Karlsson and has been pleased with the leadership he's shown this season. This hasn't been an easy task taking over as a 24-year-old and then having to help guide the club when it struggled and coach Paul MacLean was fired in December.

    "Erik's been superb. Handling everything that's happened this year and being where they are now is outstanding," Alfredsson said.

    He's also kept a close eye on winger Mark Stone, who was named a nominee for the Calder Trophy as the NHL's rookie-of-the-year Thursday. Alfredsson was the last Senators' newcomer to win the trophy way back in 1996. When he spoke about Stone's game, Alfredsson sounded like he was talking about himself.

    "Stone is an incredibly smart player," Alfredsson said. "He does a lot of good things on both sides of the puck. Just a guy who can contribute offensively, and can slow things down when he needs to. It just seems like his line has good chemistry."

    Sitting at the game with GM Bryan Murray along with assistants Pierre Dorion and Randy Lee Friday, Alfredsson wasn't sure if he'd be in Ottawa for Game 6 but was certainly giving it some thought. There's a role in the front office waiting for him but he hasn't decided what's next.

    Has he made a decision on next year?

    "No I haven't," Alfredsson said. "It's been important to just sit back and just have some down time where you really go through not only my career and take it all in and then what's going to happen going forward.

    "Whether it's hockey, or whatever is, what do I want to do and what do we want to do. I think this process is important before I make a decision."

    Right now, Alfredsson is quite happy to watch what's happening.

    - The Ottawa Sun

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    Great article, thanks for sharing :)


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      I'd be really surprised if he wasn't brought on in some upper management role next season.


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        There's a reason Alfie sounds like he's talking about himself when asked about Stone. Stone the way he's played since January reminds me very much of Alfie.