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Beaulieu's injury (round 1)

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  • Beaulieu's injury (round 1)

    Before Washington’s Brooks Orpik delivered his thundering check to New York’s Dan Boyle in Game 7 of the series between the Capitals and Rangers, the biggest hit of the post-season belonged to Ottawa’s fleet-footed defenseman Erik Karlsson.

    While Karlsson isn’t exactly known as the most devastating hitter in hockey and hasn’t often been confused with Scott Stevens, but in the first round Karlsson absolutely blasted Montreal Canadiens blueliner Nathan Beaulieu with an open-ice check that put Beaulieu out of the series and into the second round. It wasn’t until Game 5 of the second round against the Tampa Bay Lightning when Beaulieu returned to the Habs’ lineup.

    In game 6, the Lightning eliminated the Canadiens, with Beaulieu skating just 13:15 in the contest. Far from the average 16 minutes he averaged during regular season. But once the Canadiens revealed the list of injuries players were dealing with, things started to make a bit more sense: Karlsson'’s hit broke Beaulieu’s sternum and he was playing through it.

    Ouch :eek5:
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    Damn. Karlsson was a physical presence before he came to North America. Although it took a lot of time with his size, he added a physical dimension to his game this season. This isn't the first nice hit he's thrown. Last year he even muscled off Ovechkin when Ovie tried to hit him.

    The best thing about his hitting is they're will-timed. Because he's such an intelligent player, he'll never go out of position to hit someone and create more harm than good (such as Phaneuf and Subban).


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      Damn, that sucks for Beaulieu - guy's a trooper. What were Montreal's other injuries?


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        I didn't really see the list mentionned in the article, I think the writer just refered to it to explain Beaulieu's.......but didn't define the rest of it. I guess you have to watch Bergevin's press conference to find out. ;)