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Todd Mclellan named new coach

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  • Todd Mclellan named new coach

    Todd McLellan has been named the Edmonton Oilers' new head coach, signing a five year deal with the organization on Tuesday.

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    Edmonton is going to be very good next season. With McLellan, Chiarelli, and McDavid, this team could make the Playoffs.


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      Heard his press conference yesterday, really liked what he had to say. 1st thing he said was: "lets not talk about playoffs, we are not there - lets start by establishing an identity and work our way up. " ...

      He mentionned that while they were in Europe for the tournament, he took time to sit with Sidney Crosby and drilled him with questions about how he felt as a teenager arriving in the league with that amount of pressure on his shoulders. He inquired about what he appreciated beeing done to facilitate his transition. What he didn't like..etc.

      He is getting ready to welcome a potential super star and it seems like he really wants to do it the right way. Good on him for that.