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Erik Karlsson wins the Norris

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  • Erik Karlsson wins the Norris

    Congrats to the best defenseman in the NHL. That's his second Norris and he just turned 25. Amazing career so far.

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    Woohoo, congrats Erik!!


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      "Wow," said Karlsson after accepting the award at the MGM Grand. "First, off I'd like to say to P.K. and Drew, who are great players, I came in with you and I still look up to you every day.

      "I would like to say a big thank you to Mark Reeds, an assistant coach for a number of years, who unfortunately can't be here today. To Bryan Murray and Eugene Melnyk, who are both battling illness, but are still doing everything they can to hold it together. That reflects down to our team."

      However, Karlsson wasn't about to take credit for his strong season.

      "I think this represents what we did as a team," Karlsson told reporters in Vegas. "I think I'm a better player than the first time I won it. I had no expectations. I made improvements but I think there is still a ways to go."

      Karlsson felt the best memory from the season was the West Coast trip.

      "I think the west coast trip where we pretty much swept the California teams," said Karlsson. "I talked to (Daniel Alfredsson) and he said in 19 years they always struggled there and never did that. To beat three of the best teams in the league really gave us confidence."

      This is taken from the Ottawa Sun.. I stumbled onto something while reading this article. I know you guys don't really pay attention to these details but in the article, it is mentioned that his girlfriend was present. Karlsson was married a few years back to a girl from back home. Got me curious....what do you know, they divorced the same year he suffered the injury. So he basically went through that while not in the spotlight... while that must have been a rough about good timing, if something like this has to happen... anyways, just thought I would share that. ;-)

      Congrats to him for his 2nd Norris!! Awesome!
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        Interesting. Further explain his 2013 New Years Eve tweet "Fuck 2013!!!", which was promptly deleted.

        Anyways, well deserved for Karlsson. He's getting back on track to becoming what he was on track to becoming before his injury: not just one of the best defenseman in the world, but one of the very best players in the world.