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Kings suspend Patrik Bartozak following domestic violence charges

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  • Kings suspend Patrik Bartozak following domestic violence charges

    Los Angeles goaltending prospect Patrik Bartosak has been suspended without pay by the Kings as a result of charges stemming from an incident that allegedly occurred Monday.
    It was reported by the New Hampshire Union Leader Tuesday that Bartosak, 22, is facing “12 domestic-related charges,” which include a felony charge of second-degree assault for allegedly attempting to strangle his girlfriend.

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    Well, good on the Kings to act swiftly, though I'm not sure there was another option. I hope he never plays again if he's guilty.


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      Considering the Kings have a lot of issues going on behind the scene......I hope they consider providing support for everyone. They need to talk! I know this young lad hasn't made it to LA yet and might never will, but with everything that has happend around them (the other goalie - I forget his name, Mike Richards, now him)..they need to address some serious shit with the players. And that is in LA alone, imagine what other stories we don't know about because the players get away with it, or the team(s) does a good job of keeping it in the locker room.


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        Yeah, LA seems to have a lot of these sorts of issues come up with their players.


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          I know Stoll is not a part of the organisation anymore but here is another case of drug possession that happened fairly recently to be taken into account also..