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  • Cameron & Hoffman

    So I'm reading this article on TSN about how Hoffman was demoted last night ( I couldn't watch the game so I don't really know how the lines were shuffled all game long)....but all that comes to mind is something like "is Cameron gonna run Hoffman out of town?" They do bring it up in the article.

    Even though Dave Cameron found the right formula to capture a 4-2 win over the Florida Panthers last night, he’s being heavily criticized by some Ottawa Senators fans for his use of forward Mike Hoffman in the third period of that contest, writes TSN's Ian Mendes.

    Is there bad blood between the two of them? Did something happen and I missed it?

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    Dunno, hopefully it's not a sour relationship thing. Of course Hoffman might already be a bit upset about arbitration.. the team should be treating him well. You don't hassle the Hoff!


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        First of all, I love that vine and I've been watching it for the past 24 hours.

        I think as Sens fans, we're not unlike shelter dogs. We flinch at anything and we're always expecting the worst. Case and point, after the Hamburglar run we all thought either "We're gonna sign Hammond and he'll be a bust" or "We'll lose Hammond and he'll win the Vezna." We've had so many bad experiences with ownership, management, coaching, trades, free agency, bad contracts, arbitration, that we just assume "Hoffman is lighting it up--this will end terribly for Ottawa!"

        I hope we're wrong this time. I hope Hoffman likes it in Ottawa and I hope the team lets him play to his potential. I have a feeling the whole Hoffman/Cameron thing is a media fabrication but then again vines don't lie.


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          That sounds about right... ^^


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            Dean Brown went on a rant and a half about how this was blown waaay out of proportion and how fans are overreacting. I gotta take the word of someone that close to the organization when they say it's all smoke and no fire. I also think the fact that Mendes wrote his piece is kind of indicative of how benign the situation is. Someone who works for the team in such an official capacity wouldn't publish an article like that if it really was a volatile situation. Besides, the Panthers are moving to QC, Stamkos is signing in Toronto, and the Oilers are gonna win the cup, right?


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              Of course! ;-)


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                Pretty sure Dave Cameron was pumping Hoffman's tires just a few days previous. I wouldn't be too concerned yet.


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                  Yep, Owen and everyone else got it bang on.

                  It's really still an awesome vine. I hope he was telling the truth and he really thought it didn't go in. How casually played if so :laugh: