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Report: Three Jets asking for combined $152 million

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  • Report: Three Jets asking for combined $152 million

    According to the report, Ladd, who is the Jets captain, has asked for a six-year contract worth at least $41 million.

    Byfuglien, who turns 31 in March, reportedly has asked for an eight-year contract worth $55 million.

    Trouba was Winnipeg's first-round pick (No. 9) at the 2012 NHL Draft. According to the Free Press, the 21-year-old is asking for more than $56 million over the maximum eight years allowed in the NHL's Collective Bargaining Agreement.


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    So these guys all basically want max term deals around or north of $7M - two of whom would be taken past 35 and one of whom is only just finishing his ELC while being solid but not spectacular so far? Nice. This puts Winnipeg in a tough place fast. These three are huge, but this is also a contract year for Scheifele and Hutchinson. The jets have a lot of space, but not enough space to pay all five of those players what it looks like they're asking for. As an RFA, Trouba probably has the most value of the three in the article. If he really wants a maximum contract for more than $7M per, I don't think he's worth the risk in Winnipeg's position.