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Game 34 @ Lightning

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  • Game 34 @ Lightning

    Geez.. I really can't stand to watch the Sens just constantly dump the puck. What's the point? Why give your opponent possession every time you get the puck? It's even their powerplay strategy at this point :omfg:

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    Sens lose 5-2, but Tampa scored two empty netters.


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      Saw only the beginning - that Major was a ridiculous call.


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        Big time credit to 45-46! Those dudes held their own and Ottawa played respectably with only 4 D for the bulk of the game.

        Boro call was questionable.

        Hope Ceci and Ryan are just bumped and bruised.

        The two empty netters make the score look worse but Ottawa almost found a way without Boro/Ceci/Ryan.

        0/5 on the PP so you can see where they miss Bobby. Also 1/3 on the PK; special teams in general suffered with the short bench.

        Hammond played well and deserved better but like I said, special teams killed the Sens.


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          Yeah, all in all you can't really be upset with the team for yesterdays game. Tampa scores two goals on a questionable major and the Sens make it a close game with a depleted lineup.