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Alexander Ovechkin Scores 500th Goal

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  • Alexander Ovechkin Scores 500th Goal

    So it just HAD to happen against my team, but Ovie scored his 500th and 501st goals. It's thread-worthy. 10 seasons in, and the guy still has it. He's on-pace for 52 goals this season, which would be his third 50-goal season in as many years. That's every season since the lockout. No player has scored more goals than he has while he's been in the league. I don't think it's even close. The hype is gone because he's now a known commodity, but the goals are still coming.

    Let's give him another 10 years. He'll probably play longer, but we'll give him to 40. Let's take out another full season to account for injuries, and not consider any of the goals he might add to this season's total so far, as a control mechanism to keep the total low.

    So we start him at his current total of 501 and give him 9 more seasons.

    Let's even say he stops scoring 50 right away and give him an average of 40 per season for the next 3 seasons. Then a decline to 30 per season over the following 3 seasons, and 20 per season over the final 3. That's 120 + 90 + 60 = 270. 270 + 501 = 771.

    Those seem like modest numbers, but that's all it will take for him to be 3rd all-time in goals. The guy is going to be a legend. If he scored 40 more than in that plausibility, he would tie Gordie Howe for 2nd all time. It's even conceivable that if he stays healthy, stays motivated and strong, and enjoys a Jagr-esque twilight, he could challenge Wayne Gretzky for 1st all-time.