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Ovechkin out of the All Star Game..

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  • Ovechkin out of the All Star Game..

    When I 1st saw the headlines, earlier this said 'lower body injury'.. I thought, what a bad luck...or a coincidence..and I don't really believe in coincidence. Anyways, I see another article later tonight, this time writen by someone on 'the hockey news', it says the Caps would much rather win a cup than seeing him play (and possibly get injured) in the All Star Game..

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    Hmmmm, I wonder if it is a phantom injury..
    Ovechkin usually loves this stuff though, and honestly how often are players injured in the ASG? Sucks to be some Nashville kids right now.. :/


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      Hasn't he missed an all-star game before? Like a suspension that he chose to apply to the ASG or something?


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        Apparently, he injured himself snowblowing during the storm last week-end....


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          Toews is also skipping the ASG..

          I think the entire concept will have to be revisited. This is for the stars to do some PR and showcase the game. Now, it seems that all the stars would rather take advantage of the break to 'rest' and focus on the 2nd half of the season. And they don't care about the one game ban imposed by the league upon returning from said break.


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            I agree that the concept needs to be revisited. If there really needs to be a break and some kind of gimmick, it should be something completely different. The All-Star game isn't a game, and nothing in terms of true skill is actually decided.