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    OTTAWA — Clarke MacArthur will accompany his teammates to western Canada on Monday afternoon but, at this point he’s not ready or cleared to make a return.

    And, whether he’ll play again this season remains up the air.

    Sidelined with a concussion he suffered Oct. 14 against the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Senators winger is probably spending more time on the ice these days than his teammates and before a decision is made on whether he’ll suit up with the club next month there’s going to be a lot of factors involved.

    He’s hoping by the time the Senators return to Ottawa next Sunday morning he’ll be in a position to determine whether he’s got the green light to play.

    “I feel good. The odd thing sets me off here and there but it’s like night and day. Every week it seems to be getting notch better,” MacArthur said Saturday morning at the Canadian Tire Centre.

    “The last test will be just playing games and getting myself as close or ready as I can. Hopefully, we can keep this streak going and win some more games (and) then it will be enticing to get at it. That’s what I’m hoping for.”

    There’s different schools of thought on this: MacArthur can come back to try to help the club make the post-season if it remains in the race, he can return and play so he can go into the summer knowing he’ll be ready for camp or he can simply wait until next September to ensure he’s ready.

    Talk about a tough decision.

    “At the end of the day, I want to be safe, and it’s the hardest question I’ve had to deal with ever," MacArthur said. "I want to play but at the same time I want to play the next four years. Obviously, I want to play. Everybody wants to play.

    “You go into the summer (and want to) know you’re okay. If it comes to the (point) I don’t play, I’ll have seven pre-season games (in September) and I’ll be able to settle back in and get going. The more time you get, the better, but at some point you’ve got to dip your toe.”

    -The Ottawa Sun

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    Thanks for posting this. I agree that it's a tough call, but really I'm always of the opinion that a player's long-term health should never be sacrificed for short-term success. I want to see Mac back in the lineup, but not if he's forcing it and doesn't feel ready.


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      Tough thing about a concussion is that he will feel fine until he doesn't. There's no way to recreate game conditions in a practice session.