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Bryan Murray steps down as Senators GM

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  • Bryan Murray steps down as Senators GM

    Just one day after the regular season wrapped up, Bryan Murray announced he is stepping down as general manager of the Ottawa Senators and taking on an advisory role within the organization. Murray will be replaced by assistant general manager Pierre Dorion.

    Pierre Dorion becomes the new GM

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    I guess I'm not all that surprised. Really sucks we couldn't have done more with him at the helm. As for Dorion.. I feel like not much will be different. It will be interesting to see what mark he makes on the franchise and if it's easily distinguishable from what we've seen over the last several years.

    I've always kind of preferred Randy Lee, so hopefully he'll have a little more pull now too..


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      It seems like most players had the same thing in mind during their end of the season interviews today: They need to stop playing from behind. This brings up the question ... Is it a coaching issue or a leadership issue? Losing Alfie, Spezza, and Phillips all within a couple of years couldn't help. Perhaps thats why the team wanted to keep Chris Neil and traded for Dion Phaneuf.

      Elliot Friedman noted today that the Sens will likely fire Cameron, bring in a defensive defenseman and a big centre. I think all of these are important.

      Ideally, you bring in a great defensive defenseman who can skate to play with Karlsson. A more consistent Methot. But for now, I doubt they'll bring in a top pairing defenseman (perhaps Phaneuf will eventually play there, and Methot with Ceci). The Sens desperately need a good bottom pairing defenseman. Bring in a veteran who can anchor the bottom pairing and play the PK, and then play Wideman with him. I like Boro, he's a hard worker, a tough guy and stands up for teammates. But he's not very good at hockey. Soon, you'll likely have Chabot playing in Wideman's place so it's not a big deal.

      A big centre is an interesting point. Friedman says that the Sens believe they don't have a centre to go one-on-one with some of the bigger centres in the league. Josh touched on the fact the Sens don't have a bonafide #1 centre, which I argued against. However, can you win a Cup with Kyle Turris as your #1 centre? Can he go head to head with a guy like Getzlaf, Thornton, Toews or Kopitar and come away looking better? I'm not sure. He has a ton of skill, but he's on the smaller side and he's pretty soft. However, you still keep him, IMO. You look to move a guy like Zibanejad in a deal for a star player, however you want to do that.


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        How much do people think Backes will go for as a UFA? Guy can shut it down and won't be expected to provide insane offense if you keep Turris and Zibanejad around.


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          If Backes is the guy, I'll be one happy fan..