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To Leafs Fans....from Phil Kessel :-)

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    It's fake, but still pretty funny.

    Congrats to Kessel, though. It's not really fair to blame a player like Kessel, when it was the management who put him in the position he was in. It was quite clear that Kessel was more of a complementary piece, someone you don't want to be your best player. It's the same with Dion Phaneuf, to an extent. Great job to Pittsburgh's management for taking a chance on Kessel, they got a hell of a deal. Kapanen, Harrington and the 30th overall for Kessel with $1.25M per year retained and Pittsburgh's 2nd pick back.


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      Yeah, very funny!!!. I was hoping it was real but no players would do something like this.

      I'm sure Leafs fans enjoyed this cup run lolll And yeah, great job on the Pens for taking a gamble that turned into a great decision! :-)
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        That's awesome :lmao:

        I also agree that Kessel wasn't the problem in Toronto, but that it wasn't a great fit overall. He's just getting started in Pittsburgh I think. If he's getting along well with the guys off the ice, and you have to figure they're all probably feeling pretty good about each other, then it's going to be fun to watch. It seems that when high profile players get traded to teams who already have a strong cast of stars, it takes longer for the new guy to acclimate. They're going to be real good next season too.