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Leafs acquire G Fredrik Andersen from Ducks

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  • Leafs acquire G Fredrik Andersen from Ducks

    For a 2016 1st (30th Overall) and a 2017 2nd.

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    Teams are suddenly trading a lot for goalies again. We had the Schneider trade (for 9th OA), Talbot trade (for 57th, 79th, and 184th OA), Lehner trade (for 21st OA) and now the Andersen trade.

    My initial reaction was that it was overpayment from Toronto, but the value doesn't seem too far off compared to the rest. The only question with Andersen, as is the question with all of these young goalies except Schneider, is if he's really anything special. I saw a statistic which highlighted goalies who have played 50+ games over the past two years, and Andersen was completely average. The Leafs window is probably in 2-4 years, so Andersen will be 29-31. I think, with all this information, the Leafs should have waited. A better goalie would be available most likely within the two years.


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      Still not really sure how I feel about this but I don't know enough about him to form an opinion. I hope he turns out better than the other goalies we've acquired from Californian teams lol