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  • Evander Kane Charged

    Buffalo police say Sabres forward Evander Kane has been charged with four counts of non-criminal harassment and one count of misdemeanor trespass after an incident at a city bar last month.

    He faces four counts of non-criminal harassment, one count of disorderly conduct and a count of misdemeanour trespass as a result of the altercation that happened in the early hours of June 25
    Can someone explain to me what the hell "non-criminal harassment" means in the legal system if one is facing justice for it...but its not criminal... :confused:

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    I don't know anything about the law, and I'm probably just talking nonsense here, but my understanding would be that it means the victims are pressing charges, and not the crown? :dunno:


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      Hum ok ...makes sense I guess....and following that logic, if found guilty, he would/could be fined but no criminal record?
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        Not sure how putting his hands on three women is "non-criminal". I understand misdemeanour trespass to mean that he was kicked out of the bar and either wouldn't leave or tried to get back in.

        Maybe the alleged assaults are the disorderly conduct and the harassment is violent things he was saying during the altercations.

        Either way, history shows us how this will work out - Kane will get off extremely lightly with a slap on the wrist and go back to his playboy lifestyle laughing all the way.


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          Oh wow..


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            Originally posted by Josh
            OK so this one is unrelated to the one at the top but it's definitely still disturbing...

            Also, I read Buffalo and Kane and immediately thought "Patrick" but this is actually Evander Kane. Reading fully helps.