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    Don't know if you guys heard, but last night during the game, it was mentionned that Nick & Janelle Foligno's baby girl, born in October, has serious heart/health issues. She will require lots of surgery.

    He wasn't playing last night ~ for personal reasons ~ but Dean Brown mentionned that from what he heard, its cause he was at the hospital with his family to prepare for a surgery..

    Anyways, not sure about the exact details but in the end, its about having a sick baby and that is sad. So hope everything turns out fine for them and their baby girl.

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    Re: Nick Foligno

    Oh wow, I hope she ends up OK. I can't even begin to imagine how that would feel... :(


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      Re: Nick Foligno

      Yeah, Dean also said it was likely the first of several surgeries. Tough break for Foligno - wish him and his family all the best.