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  • Absolutely love your Title Header

    That is the main reason I joined up and obviously also for the love of hockey. Even though I never have got high and never plan on getting high in my life I do feel I am High on Hockey all of the time so the title of this forum is awesome. My name is Zoey and I am 17 years old and from the State of Hockey. I pretty much much was born with skates on and a hockey stick in my hand with 4 older brothers in family ahead of me to follow in there footsteps. I currently play Defence on my High Schools Girls Hockey Team and have play organized Ice Hockey since I was 6 years old. My favorite team is the Minnesota Wild and favorite player is Zach Parise. Other than playing hockey and watching Wild Hockey, I enjoy participating in Fantasy Hockey, listening to music, shopping, and being with my boyfriend as much as I can.
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    Welcome aboard! :-)


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      Haha, awesome, glad you like the name :D

      Welcome to the forum!

      How did you find us if I may ask?


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        Thanks Jasmine and Josh. I was looking for Ice Hockey Forums and like I said the Title Header caught my eye.


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          Yes, welcome! :)


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            Thanks Matt the Aussie.