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First game with Calgary since the Gaudreau injury

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  • First game with Calgary since the Gaudreau injury

    So tonight's game between the Wild and Flames is going to be quite interested. Back on November 15th Flames Star Forward had his finger broke from a slash and there has been many comments that Flames players might be out to get some of the Wild stars tonight. It sure should be a physical game tonight and a fun one to watch. Also Bruce Boudreau sort of looking at the Gaudreau incident lightly adds fuel to the fire. I am looking forward to the game tonight and really hope not one player is out to injury another. If it is a physical game, great but keep it a clean physical game. It sure wasn't like back on November 15th that Eric Staal who is far from ever being a Goon player was out to break Johhny Gaudreau's finger.

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    So far the game hasn't been too physical, but the Refs have been on the whistle a lot at least when it is calling a penalty on the Wild. The Wild are still in this one as it is 2-1 Flames in the 2nd Period.


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      Tough loss in a shootout for the Wild.

      Next up Connor McDavid and the Oilers on Sunday.