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Down Goes Brown: The NHL's five most confusing teams

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  • Down Goes Brown: The NHL's five most confusing teams

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    The two most confusing to me are Nashville and Columbus and one of them I am slowly starting to understand.

    Nashville came out of the gate so slow offensively it was ridiculous. They couldn't have gotten much worse for them. There D is still stellar, but I also see a regression in Pekka Rinne coming fast. I still think the Predators get it together offensively and make the Playoffs, but a big blow right now is having James Neal out.

    Columbus came out there usual lousy way and without Torts changing things up quickly and seeing the potential of a Werenski, Saad, Wennberg, and Foligno and moving down Dubinsky, Jenner, and Atkinson. The key here for the Jackets is if Bobrovsky can stay healthy because they need him.


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      The Jackets will be fine so long as Bobrovsky drags them up by the bootlaces. Still don't understand why Philly wanted Mason over Bob?