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Shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport

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  • Shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport

    The news coming out are still very unclear but some details are coming out. Terminal #2, 1 to 3 dead, 6 to 9 injured. They are evacuating the terminal in the imaged showed. The suspect is in custody.

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    Law enforcement officials identified Esteban Santiago, 26, as the suspect in the five deaths at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Authorities revised the number of wounded to six.


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      Now confirmed 5 dead and 13 injured

      Airport completely shutdown


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        Absolutely terrible.


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          This terminal is where most Flights coming from Ott, Mtl and TO Air Canada. It happened where you would pick up your luggage after landing.


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            This whole story is so sad. Apparently this guy has mental issues following a deployment in the Middle East.....

            They create machines that can't be turned off and provide hardly any care when they return from combat. No wonder a lot of them end up homeless and alone. They can't explain what they've seen and done, and make sens from it all.

            And now, 5 people are dead, more families are broken and an entire nation has to try to understand what just happened....

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              Now prosecutors are already seeking the death penalty..


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                Sad part is, he'll be wasting tax payers money on death row...and that could last a good 20 years...............and really, what he needs is health care. Mental health care. He needs to be in a hospital, treated and medicated. Not incarcerated, waiting to be killed. He is already dead inside.