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Smith extended 4 years

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  • Smith extended 4 years

    The contract has an annual average value (AAV) of $3.25 million ($3.25 million each of the four seasons).

    Pretty awesome deal if you ask me.. :-)

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    Like I said to Owen in our weekly post-Mensa meeting: worth every penny.

    Zack Smith has been healthy scratched when his play was the only thing not wrong with the team, he's been benched in favour of big minutes for guys like Cory Conacher, and he's faced all kinds of tough assignments. Not once have we ever heard that he's complained.

    Have you ever watched a Sens game and thought that Zack Smith mailed it in? Haven't you always seen him play his heart out, shift after shift after shift? His linemates consistently change before him while he chases down a puck. Then he's the first one back the other way. Often, the puck ends up back on his stick and he somehow still has something left in the tank to work with. He goes into corners, hits, blocks shots, and fights. He can score, he's a decent passer, he can play with our top guys, and he can play against their top guys.

    The Sens got a bargain.


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      Josh, I think I forgot my monocle. Can you have your driver bring it over?

      Smith is great on the PK, he keeps his head above water in all situations, and he takes a lot fewer penalties these days. I think this is going to be the going price for middle six forwards over the next few seasons and these are Smith's prime years. To me, Smith is invisible in the best sense. You tend not to notice him because he's doing his job well. He's not the best shooter but he does everything else like a pro.


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        He would have got more on the open market but likely less term. This to me is the kind of deal I want to see - someone who obviously likes playing in Ottawa being rewarded for loyalty with term. We all know the Sens cannot compete on price.

        Now if we can perhaps get Hoffman to stay back a practice or two with Smith to try and teach some shooting basics, that would be sweet. It's really the only knock I have on him.


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          Yeah, I really like the deal from Ottawa. After 25 goals and probably 20+ this year, he probably could have gotten more on the open market. He fits well with Stone, plays a very good PK game and is a good energy guy.