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Game 58 - Senators @ Devils

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  • Game 58 - Senators @ Devils

    A Sens win and a Habs loss in regulation would put Ottawa at 1st in the Atlantic.

    Of course, Hoffman, Ryan, and Stone are all injured.. opportunity's knocking on the door of some other players.. *cough* Lazar.

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    Live HD Stream:


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      Anderson played really well and made some key saves. The Sens didn't play terrible but it's clear they don't have anyone to put the puck in the back of the net. We're gonna need great goaltending and to grind some out.


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        I was impressed by Casey Bailey but not so much by Max McCormick. Lazar looked like someone finally lit a fire under him but I still think too little, too late. Sens really lucked out a few times last night with bounces, but as good as Condon has been, Andy is king.


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          Lazar did look pretty good out there, honestly. He had a great half-of-the-game against Winnipeg, too, until his mistake cost us a goal.

          If I'm Lazar, I'm not requesting more ice time or complaining through my agent. I'm realizing that I'm young, I play with a lot of energy, and although I'm not going to become much offensively, I do have a somewhat intriguing skill set. It's an accomplishment to make the NHL and not everyone becomes a top six forward. Work hard this summer, fix up your defensive game and decision making, add a pesty side to your game, and crash the net for greasy goals. You could become an excellent bottom six player, which is very valuable for any contending team. Plus, development paths are not always linear. You could play a bottom six role for a while and turn the tides like Marchand and become a pretty impactful player down the road.