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New Habs under Claude Julien

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  • New Habs under Claude Julien

    Since the coaching change the habs have 7 wins in 9 games but what has changed?

    Obviously the play of Carey Price is the dominating factor and it is directly due to a change in the defensive system. A more aggressive defensive style that allows Price to see the puck much better. I also have a personal opinion that Price simply didn't feel like playing his best for Therien. In the last 6 games, he has allowed only 8 goals and has a .951 save %.

    They are also exiting the zone better, more down the middle.

    A more aggressive fore-check is also getting to opponents. We saw it last night where Edler tried to get rid of the puck quickly and sent it over the glass.

    The new additions definitely help. A big 4th line gives Montreal that part of they game that they didn't have in a long time.

    The way things are going, I wouldn't want to face the Habs in the first round.

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    Montreal is built to win now. The Atlantic division has definitely become much more competitive and it's fun to see, even as a Sens fan. It looks like Ottawa will avoid a first-round matchup with the Habs, which is a good thing.

    Bergevin has balls of steel. Trading Subban and firing Therrien to hire Julien were bold moves and it looks like both are paying off well.


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      I'm not a Habs fan or even a regular watcher of the team but it boggles my mind how long they stuck with Therrien.

      As much as we are enemies, we are going to have some great hockey when the Sens and Habs meet 3 times in a week coming up soon. It's not likely we'll meet first round but I am looking forward to that "mini-series".


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        Yeah, that series is going to be huge. Looks like it might actually determine the Playoff seeds.


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          Martinsen, Ott, Benn, Shaw, King vs. Burrows, Smith, Stalberg, Wingels, Borowiecki lirl

          gonna be a blood bath.

          That aggressive forecheck and puck possession is so beautiful under Julien tho, god damn.