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    ...still working on my list, but the official deadline is approaching fast. Who ya got?

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    Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

    Patrick Kane.


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      Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada



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        Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

        Originally posted by Matt the Aussie
        Sorry, I forgot Jonathan Quick.


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          Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

          The best of the best are centers. We could make a whole team of centers. Crosby, Stamkos, Toews, Tavares, Duchene, Staal, Getzlaf, Kadri, Couture, Bergeron, Benn, Spezza, Turris... Anyways, here's what I would do, prepare to complain:

          Nash - Crosby - Getzlaf
          Ladd - Tavares - St. Louis
          Hall - Toews - Doan
          Couture - Thornton - Lupul

          Phaneuf - Weber
          Keith - Green
          Bouwmeester - Subban

          Luongo - Price


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            Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

            Right now I'm assuming Stamkos will not be available, although I'm still hoping for a miracle.

            Couple things I'd disagree with on your list Josh. I can't see Giroux getting left off even with the year he's having. Much of it has to do with the team's struggles, he is still one of the very best players in the world. I can't see Phaneuf making the team. Yes, his defensive game is vastly improved lately, it's still not among the tops in the league or even the tops of what Canada has to offer, and he's still a fairly high-risk player in a number of ways, something Canada is trying hard to limit. If it was on North American ice, I'd probably have him on the team, but since it's European ice, I take Bouwmeester over him on the left side.

            On the other side of things, great call on Couture. He's a lock for the team at this point in my mind. He'll play on the checking line and top PK unit, both alongside of Toews.

            Kunitz-Crosby-St. Louis (how can you leave off Kunitz when he's the 6th highest scoring Canadian this year? And considering the importance of instant chemistry in a tournament like this?)
            Staal-Tavares-Giroux (thank god Tavares' recent development gives us a bit of relief from losing Stamkos)
            Getzlaf-Thornton-Perry (the "checking" line in the old-school sense of a big-bodied line that spends a lot of time deep in the other team's zone)
            Couture-Toews-Nash (the actual checking line, in the sense of our two best defensive forwards who will match up ahainst other team's top scorers, plus every good shutdown line needs a big body to help handle the Kopitars, Browns and Ovechkins of the world)
            Benn (just too good to leave off. The argument could be made that you want Duchene or Richards to bolster the P.K. after Toews, Couture, Getzlaf and Staal, but St. Louis, Benn, Nash and Crosby are perfectly capable of playing the P.K. in their own rights)

            Weber-Doughty (the top D-pair, plain and simple; the best defenseman in the world and the best defenseman in big-game situations in the world)
            Keith-Seabrook (the number three best defenseman on the team, plus his regular linemate; chemistry is key)
            Bouwmeester-Pietrangelo (I've already talked about how I think these two could emerge as the Keith-Seabrook from the last Olympic year - and chemistry is key)
            Subban (no way you can leave him off after his past two years, but again, Canada brass wants to limit high-risk players, so he'll start out as a PP specialist, although if he shows he can keep mistakes to a minimum, there's no reason not to think he could switch places with Seabrook alongside Keith)



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              Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

              Subban shut down Ovechkin last night. I fail to see how anyone in hockey Canada can think he's a risk. Under Martin, as a rookie, he played solid defense and when the Habs needed him to be the source of their offense, he's rushing the puck up the ice. With the talent on TC, Subban wouldn't need to take those risks and would play a very good defensive game.

              And yeah, in a short competition where you need instant chemistry, Kunitz has to be there with Crosby. 78 points in last 75 games.


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                Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

                Will Josh Harding challenge Carey Price for the starting job in nets? Does Roberto Luongo even belong to the conversation still? Marc-Andre Fleury is playing great, and Jonathan Bernier and Braden Holtby seriously deserve the consideration they won't get. Mike Smith and Corey Crawford will probably be left out too. It's already been said that experience will be the trump card. Luongo, Fleury, and Price will probably be the three who are chosen. I think it should be Fleury, Price, and Harding with Crawford and Holtby seriously considered.


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                  Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

                  Crawford's injured but he's been playing like ass for a bit.

                  It'll be Luongo, Price and one of Smith/Harding/Holtby and Price will slowly steal the #1 job from Luongo.


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                    Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

                    TSN projected roster (who they think will be there from the information they have been given)

                    Logan Couture - Sidney Crosby - Steven Stamkos
                    Jamie Benn - Jonathan Toews - Corey Perry
                    Matt Duchene - Ryan Getzlaf - Claude Giroux
                    Patrick Sharp - John Tavares - Rick Nash
                    xxxxxxxxx - Patrice Bergeron - Martin St. Louis

                    (Fighting for positions: C Eric Staal, LW Chris Kunitz, LW Patrick Marleau, RW Jeff Carter)

                    Duncan Keith - Drew Doughty
                    Jay Bouwmeester - Shea Weber
                    Marc-Edouard Vlasic - Alex Pietrangelo
                    Dan Boyle (RD) - P.K. Subban

                    Fighting for positions: LD Mark Giordano, LD Dan Hamhius, LD Marc Staal, RD Brent Seabrook

                    Carey Price - Roberto Luongo - Mike Smith

                    Basically, it's unfinished right now and might not be 100% done until Tuesday morning before the press conference. They want to make sure, and make sure PK knows, that if he's named to the team there's a strong chance he's going to be a depth player. He won't be playing a ton of minutes, and might not even be playing in some games at all. Team Canada is still debating if they want to send 4 LD and 4 RD or 3 LD and 5 RD. Bob McKenzie thinks at the end of the day, 4 LD and 4 RD will be what they decide upon because that's what Mike Babcock wants. Kunitz could be a last minute addition to the team before the press conference, replacing one of Benn/Duchene/Sharp. Canada is curious about how he would perform on his own, and if Crosby went down with an injury if he'd still be able to produce without Crosby.

                    Personally, I think Canada needs to bring Subban. He's a high-risk player, yeah. Last night against Ottawa he had a poor showing, the game before he had a great showing. But he's a big game player. Remember, in 2010, Drew Doughty started as the 7th defenseman playing limited minutes and turned out to be our best defenseman. I could see Subban doing the same. Perhaps not our best defenseman, but playing great. I would also have Chris Kunitz there because of the instant chemistry with Crosby. That's huge in a short tournament. Crosby could get injured, yeah. But he's shown no signs of injury since his last concussion and Kunitz has proven he can produce without Crosby.


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                      Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

                      If Patrick Sharp does not make Team Canada I will have a fit.


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                        Re: Pick YOUR Team Canada

                        Eric Staal should get a spot too.