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    Whoa, what is going ON with Montreal man? Do they not want anyone playing D by the time we hit camp? Carey Price is just that good eh


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      I think Montreal needed a shakeup. A whole lot of 'meh' there.

      However, it does not seem like they have any sort of long term plan. You traded Subban, Bealieau and Sergachev in the last year and got older on D. But now you're letting Markov walk, who is an alright defenseman despite being 38.

      You trade for a 22 year old winger that had a point per game of .72, but are actively shopping your own winger who is 23 and scored .72 points per game (plus, has three .50 point per game seasons under his belt and a 30 goal season).

      I thought their plan was to go for it soon. You have Price in his prime. The Weber trade, I thought it was clear that Montreal was trying to win now. But they seem like they're just chasing their tails.


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        Bergevin is an idiot. A shakeup is an understatement, we need a full blown rebuild. It's evident it won't happen under Bergevin, it's evident he doesn't know what he's doing and doesn't even have a god damn plan anymore. He went from toughness last summer to speed and skill this summer. He has no idea what he's doing or what he wants. He's emptying out our already bare prospect pool to do nothing. Sergachev for Drouin was fine, but trading Galchenyuk for a LD just makes it a lateral move.

        Unfortunately, Bergevin will be there spinning his wheels and burying this organization for a couple more years before ownership finally does something.

        The next regime needs a complete overhaul of player development, scouting, hockey ops, coaching, etc. because it's all one huge mess right now. One of the worst in the league at the moment imo.

        It's going to be a painful rebuild though considering how bare we are in our prospect pool, but the next regime will absolutely need to sell the idea to the fan base of a rebuild being the correct thing to do just like Shanahan did with Toronto. Now they have Matthews, Nylander and Marner. Montreal's going to need to do the same thing.

        If it were up to me I'd be trading Price this summer and beginning it.

        If we lose Markov, Radulov and Galchenyuk this summer and all we get is a LHD, Bergevin shouldn't even see another day on the job.


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          Radulov reportedly sealing 6 years at 7m per. Goodbye, Radu.


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            Updated OP with trades.


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              Updated OP with the trades today thus far and Oshie's re-signing.


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                No trade call done yet but assuming it proceeds without hiccups, it's Pominville and Scandella to BUF, Ennis and Foligno to MIN. - MacKenzie on Twitter

                Edit: Now confirmed
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                  On waivers to be bought out:

                  Jussi Jokinen
                  Lance Bouma
                  Ryan Murphy
                  Jimmy Hayes
                  Marc Stuart
                  Mike Cammalleri
                  Devante Smith-Pelly


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                    Markov to the KHL.

                    I love the Habs, but I am beyond done with Bergevin.


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                      Mike Commodore has a few interesting rumours. Pavelski to Dallas, Kadri to Calgary, and Lazar to Buffalo.