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    But I guess the flip side of the coin with Tellqvist is of those four seasons he played 20+ games he only started 20+ in two of them. The other two he only started 17 and 16.


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      Originally posted by matchesmalone View Post
      I was thinking the same thing about 25 games for goalies, but I'm on the fence. I mean, he was a proper backup for four full seasons. That's gotta be as valuable as David Hale, no? Hale was a bit piece, played a depth role for half the games. Bottom pair defenseman when he did play. As backup goalie, Tellqvist was half (ok, a quarter based on GP) of the team's goaltending tandem. When he does start, he's in it for the full 60 minutes, everything riding on him.

      I dunno, I dont really mean to take a stance on any of these right now, we just need to talk this stuff out.

      The funny thing is, we've kinda flip flopped. Whenever we were talking about this last time, you were thinking of a higher limit and I was thinking lower. I actually kinda agree about maybe something around 250 games, but I'm undecided. For the time being I'm thinking I'm just going with the limits from the original project, and we can always go back (to both lists) and make adjustments. I feel like once we get a decent little sample of maybe three drafts done we'll have a better idea what we're doing.

      The only two players from the 2000 draft who are up in the air are Hale and Tellqvist. Even a guy like Andy Hilbert with 307 games makes it based on the three full season rule. And Marcel Hossa would still miss a 250 game cutoff, with 237.
      Ohh, yeah, amount of games started is important. Another thing we might look at is going away from games played entirely and looking at total ice time (and minutes for goalies). I feel it would paint a more accurate picture. 60 games at <10 minutes per night isn't as much hockey as 45 games at 15 minutes per night.