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  • Imagine a top pairing of Clarke - Sanderson a few years down the road..


    • Some more new information on the 2023 class:

      Mikhail Gulyayev was of course the top p/g U16 defenseman in the Russian U17 league this year, 11th among all skaters. So maybe not world-shaking numbers, but impressive. He's now listed at 5'11.

      Ivan Demidov (2024) was the top of that list, even as a December birthday, and despite a weak supporting cast - he almost doubled the next highest scorer on his team. He's now listed at 5'9.

      I just noticed Charlie Stramel of the NTDP U17 team is a late birthday. We were strongly reminded this year that just being good as a late birthday doesn't mean so much - primarily by Aatu Raty, but also of the three forwards at U17s I took note of, only Danila Yurov ended up being a legit top ten probability. Ludwig Persson and Jack Devine have been solid but disappointing. But Stramel was brought up for the U18 tournament and had 4 points in 5 games, plus he's 6'3.

      USA released next year's NTPD entrants. A couple familiar names on the list in Gracyn Sawchyn, Alex Weierair and Aram Minnetian.