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  • Trying to keep a running list.


    1. Connor Bedard
    2. Matvei Michkov
    3. Adam Fantilli
    4. Leo Carlsson
    5. Will Smith
    6. Colby Barlow
    7. Dalibor Dvorsky
    8. Quentin Musty
    9. Aram Minnetian
    10. Calum Ritchie
    11. Eduard Sale
    12. Brayden Yaeger
    13. Lukas Dragicevik
    14. Kasper Halttunen
    15. Andrew Cristal
    16. Matthew Wood
    17. Zach Benson
    18. Jesse Kiiskinen
    19. Mikhail Gulyayev
    20. David Reinbacher
    21. Koehn Ziemmer
    22. Noah Dower Nilsson
    23. Charlie Stramel
    24. Daniil But
    25. Axel Sandin-Pellikka
    26. Otto Stenberg
    27. Ryan Leonard
    28. Nate Danielson
    29. Cam Allen
    30. Oscar Fisker Moller
    31. Michael Hrabel
    32. Max Strbak
    33. Gabe Perreault
    34. Theo Lindstein
    35. Riley Heidt
    36. Jesse Nurmi


    1. Aron Kiviharju
    2. Cole Eiserman
    3. Henry Mews
    4. Ivan Demidov
    5. Berkly Catton
    6. Macklin Celebrini
    7. Maxim Masse
    8. Konsta Helenius
    9. Zayne Parekh
    10. Emil Hemming
    11. Michael Brandsegg-Nygard
    12. Will Skahan
    13. Nathan Villeneuve
    14. Karl Sterner
    15. Tanner Howe
    16. Veeti Vaisanen
    17. Christian Humphries
    18. Adam Jecho
    19. Paul Mayer
    20. Alfons Freij


    1. James Hagens
    2. Michael Misa
    3. Malcolm Spence
    4. Jordan Gavin
    5. Henry Brzustewicz
    6. Anton Frondell
    7. Porter Martone
    8. Masun Fleece
    9. Jakob Ihs Wozniak
    10. Dakoda Rheume-Mullen
    11. Roger McQueen
    12. Gabriel D'Aigle
    13. Samuel Misak
    14. Will Sharpe
    15. Liam Kilfoil
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    • Zayne Parekh looks legit.


      • Scoring totals for top NTDP U18 players against NCAA Di opponents:


        Gabriel Perreault 5'11 LW/C 16-16-15-31 +15

        Will Smith 6'0 C 16-9-20-29 +12

        Ryan Leonard 5'10 RW/C 16-13-14-27 +13

        Oliver Moore 5'11 C 14-9-12-21 +11

        Danny Nelson LW 6'3 16-5-7-12 +4


        Aram Minnetian 6'0 RD 16-4-7-11 +4

        Zeev Buium 6'0 LD 16-1-9-10 +10

        Drew Fortescue 6'3 LD 16-0-9-9 -2

        Paul Fischer 6'1 LD 11-0-8-8 +2

        Will Smith is going to be something special. One of my main scouting focuses now days is on pro-translatability, where you have on the one hand prospects who are immensely skilled but are coach's nightmares (Gleb Trikozov, Fabian Lysell) and on the other hand, players who are coach's dreams but maybe not the most skilled in the world (Cole Sillinger, Liam Ohgren come to mind). But then every once in a while you have those rare breeds who bring the best of both worlds (Lucas Raymond, Logan Cooley are prime examples). Smith falls into the third category. Immensely skilled and not at all afraid to use it where appropriate, but knows how to pick his spots and when to make the simple play. Uses his linemates fantastically well, both directly creating chances for them, but also putting them in positions to use their skill and make plays themselves. Somewhat reminiscent of Logan Cooley; Cooley is a little craftier with his puckhandling, but Smith is a little bigger and I think a little bit of a better playmaker.

        Gabe Perreault is kind of the inverse of Smith, and perhaps this is part of why they're so perfect together. Incredibly skilled, but pro-translatability is a major question mark. Kid loves to create his own offence and often takes a lot of risks to do so, but up to the NCAA level, he's been tremendously successful in doing so.

        Ryan Leonard is interesting. First and foremost he's a meat-and-potatoes two-way forward. He's a grinder, gets around the net, can kill penalties, but I also think his skill is under-rated. A player that can create his own odd man rushes and then can beat guys one on one is going to be a pretty intriguing prospect.

        Oliver Moore is the most under-rated of the bunch. Just by virtue of being a pure center he gets stuck on the second line behind Smith, and they very often roll out the big line of Perreault-Smith-Leonard all together while Moore centers the second line with much lesser offensive talents. Very fast skater with high hockey IQ and some pretty good skill makes him a virtual lock to be at least a useful PKer and bottom six forward at the NHL level, something along the lines of an Andrew Cogliano. Considering that's sort of a floor, and something like Mike Richards would be a ceiling, NHL teams are going to have their eyes on this player starting around the middle of the 1st round.

        On defense, I'm obsessed with Aram Minnetian of late. Have been for a while now actually. Utterly dynamic; I couldn't name another defenseman in this draft I'd rather have carrying the puck through the neutral zone. Escapabilty off the charts. As a converted forward, he's very much a work in progress not only in the defensive zone, but also in other areas specific to defensemen. If he was playing for almost any ordinary CHL or USHL team instead of an all-star team, he would almost certainly run the top powerplay, but Zeev Buium is a one-man circus tightrope walking the offensive blueline (on par with the like of Heimosalmi and Luke Hughes in their draft years). Buium usually plays the left point on the top powerplay, opposite to Will Smith. Minnetian has a ton of room to grow as he continues to learn to be a full-time defenseman, and so his all-around upside is simply off the charts,. Buium is a late birthday and not draft eligible until 2024, but I'm starting to think he will go very high in that draft. On top of his offensive zone abilities, his +10 rating seems to support the eye test when it suggests he's very sound defensively as well.

        Paul Fischer reminds me a fair amount of Ryan Chesley - decent size at around 6' or 6'1, and a solid, intelligent two-way defenseman, but I think I like Fischer's offensive upside a little better than Chesley's.
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        • Check out Nela Lopušanová!

 hockey player profile of Nela Lopusanova, 2008-02-26 Zilina, SVK Slovakia. Most recently in the Slovakia (W) with MsHKM Zilina. Complete player biography and stats.

          At only 14 years old, she was the MVP and scoring leader of the women's WJC. She currently plays in the top U16 Slovakian league and has a points-per-game pace good for 2nd place. That's the top league, not the top women's league. It's the same league that last year's 1st overall NHL draft pick Juraj Slafkovsky played in at that age. And her pace is better than his was.

          She's also as big at 14 as Cole Caufield is at 22..


          • 1. Connor Bedard
            2. Matvei Michkov
            3. Leo Carlsson
            4. Adam Fantilli
            5. Will Smith
            6. Dalibor Dvorsky
            7. Calum Ritchie
            8. Zach Benson
            9. Colby Barlow
            10. Aram Minnetian
            11. Matthew Wood
            12. Ryan Leonard
            13. Brayden Yager
            14. Mikhail Gulyayev
            15. Eduard Sale
            16. David Reinbacher
            17. Oliver Moore
            18. Daniil But
            19. Gabe Perreault
            20. Andrew Cristall
            21. Otto Stenberg
            22. Lukas Dragicevic
            23. Charlie Stramel
            24. Axel Sandin-Pellikka
            25. Samuel Honzek
            26. Jesse Kiiskinen
            27. Kasper Halttunen
            28. Noah Dower-Nilsson
            29. Koehn Ziemer
            30. Nate Danielson
            31. Theo Lindstein
            32. Trey Augustine
            33. Dmitri Simashev
            34. Riley Heidt
            35. Jesse Nurmi


            • 1. Connor Bedard
              2, Matvei Michkov
              3. Leo Carlsson
              4. Adam Fantilli
              5. Dalibor Dvorsky
              6. Will Smith
              7. Ryan Leonard
              8. Eduard Sale
              9. Zach Benson
              10. Mikhail Gulyayev
              11. David Reinbacher
              12. Calum Ritchie
              13. Colby Barlow
              14. Nate Danielson
              15. Matthew Wood
              16. Brayden Yager
              17. Gabe Perreault
              18. Aram Minnetian
              19. Axel Sandin-Pellikka
              20. Daniil But
              21. Oliver Moore
              22. Samuel Honzek
              23. Kasper Halttunen
              24. Theo Lindstein
              25. Caden Price
              26. Lukas Dragicevic
              27. Riley Heidt
              28. Charlie Stramel
              29. Andrew Cristall
              30. David Edstrom
              31. Otto Stenberg
              32. Dmitri Simashev


              • 2024

                1. Macklin Celebrini - Two way center in the mould of Toews or Bergeron. Highly skilled and creative but maybe not as dynamic as you'd hope for a first overall pick.
                2. Konsta Helenius - Celebrini is more mature, physically and stylistically, but Helenius might be the higher long-term upside player.
                3. Aron Kiviharju -
                4. Cole Eiserman
                5. Cayden Lindstrom
                6. Ivan Demidov
                7. Henry Mews
                8. Charlie Elick
                9. Sam Dickinson
                10. Beckett Seneke
                11. Adam Jiricek
                12. Zayne Parekh
                13. Cole Beaudoin
                14. Michael Hage
                15. Berkly Catton
                16. Emil Hemming
                17. Zeev Buium
                18. Ondrej Kos

                Adam Jecho
                Markus Loponen
                Michael Brandsegg-Nygard
                Maxim Masse
                Anthony Cristoforo
                Nathan Villeneuve
                Veeti Vaisanen
                Sebastian Soini
                Tanner Howe
                Christian Humphries
                Cole Hutson
                Karl Sterner
                Will Skahan
                Tomas Lavoie
                Matthew Virgilio

                1. James Hagens
                2. Michael Misa
                3. Malcolm Spence
                4. Henry Brzustewicz
                5. Porter Martone
                6. Jordan Gavin
                7. Jacob Ihs Wozniak
                8. Matthew Schaefer
                9. Roger McQueen
                10. Brady Martin

                Dakoda Rheaume-Mullen
                Jake O'Brien
                Filip Ekberg
                Viktor Eklund
                Logan Hensler
                Liam Kilfoil
                Reese Hamilton
                William Moore
                Cole Chandler
                Masun Fleece
                Donato Bracco
                Emile Guite
                Anton Frondell
                Caleb Desnoyer
                Jackson Smith
                Ty Peddigrew
                Kayden McGuigan
                Peyton Kettles

                1. Gavin McKenna
                2. Ryan Roobroek
                3. Beckham Edwards

                Brady Wassilyn
                Kent Greer
                Oliver Torkki
                Rasmus Rinne
                Noah Kosick
                Arseni Ilyin

                Landon Dupont