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  • Anderson Extended

    No longer a free agent after this season, Anderson was extended for 2 more years at a cap hit of $4.75M.

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    Glad to see this done early. Andy's been nothing but complimentary of the Sens since people started asking him re: contract talks.

    Turris and Stone to go...


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      I wonder if Anderson will be the starter by year 2 of this contract? You would have to think part of the Condon deal was that he would eventually get the starters role. They are pretty high on Hogberg too. We might end up haveing another Anderson, Bishop, Lehner type situation except no Murray to screw it up.


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        I'm still not fully convinced by Condon as a long-term starter, but he has time to develop I suppose. Hogberg's looked great in a small sample size too.

        Selling Bishop was a fiasco, but with hindsight I'm glad we kept Andy over him. What hurt was getting sweet f-all for trading him...where is Conacher now? Somewhat made up by the return we got for Lehner - taking the stupid Legwand contract and also giving a first. Also a Murray behind that one :P