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First Game of the 2017-18 Season - Leafs @ Jets

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  • First Game of the 2017-18 Season - Leafs @ Jets

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    McDavid was on fire in the Oilers vs Flames game. A natural hat trick in the 3-0 win. The second goal was insane.


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      Indeed. McDavid is a very special player who has it in him to set some records. He's a lot of fun to watch play as well. I like that he shows emotion. Would Auston Matthews even crack a smile if the Leafs won the cup? Kidding of course, but still..

      Here's the video of all three goals.

      Connor McDavid only needed one regular season game to score his first hat trick of the campaign, netting all three goals for the Oilers in their opening nigh...

      I really like the look of those new Oilers jerseys.


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        He looks even better than last season, which is crazy. He's clocked in at 40km/hr on that second goal.


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          I thought Karlsson was fast, holy crap dude!