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  • Yeah I hear you man. But at least Nilsson has quite a bit of NHL experience. My reaction is pretty much "whatever" at this point. I mean, I'd like to see him do well, but also if he struggles enough to help us get Lafreniere or Lundell, that's fine with me.

    On a different note, I've been doing some research on Sens scouts, and accidentally stumbled upon this. No idea how authentic it is but thought it was kind of interesting,


    • Originally posted by matchesmalone View Post
      Yeah I hear you man. But at least Nilsson has quite a bit of NHL experience. My reaction is pretty much "whatever" at this point. I mean, I'd like to see him do well, but also if he struggles enough to help us get Lafreniere or Lundell, that's fine with me.

      On a different note, I've been doing some research on Sens scouts, and accidentally stumbled upon this. No idea how authentic it is but thought it was kind of interesting,
      Whoa. Some interesting things there. Murray was the highest paid staff in the show as the GM. Yet Randy Lee was the lowest paid staff in Bingo as the GM.

      What are the two-letter acronyms?


      • Haha your guess is as good as mine man. I just came across it by a Google search. I have no additional context.

        But actually the two-letter acronyms are my main reason to doubt it's authenticity. I suspect it may be from some elaborate GM simulation game, and those numbers are some kind of ratings.


        • There's a few stats that the physios don't rank in. But then one, RE, that only the physios rank in. Also Trent Mann is mistakenly listed under physio; but not just the title, his attributes/stats match the other physios.


          • You can get other teams by modifying the short code:


            I can’t seem to browse the site directory though and is an empty site. How perplexing.


            • Sens hire Jack Capuano as associate coach:



              • Originally posted by matchesmalone View Post
                Time to look at the bright side. Sens draft picks over the next three years:

                2019 - CBJ 1st, FLA 2nd, own 2nd, PIT 3rd, own 4th, own 5th, own 7th.

                2020 - CBJ 1st (if Duchene signs), SJS 1st, own 1st, CBJ 2nd, DAL 2nd, own 2nd, CBJ 3rd, own 3rd, own 4th, STL 6th, SJS 6th, own 6th, own 7th.

                2021 - own 1st, CBJ 2nd, own 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th.

                An ordinary seven picks in this June's draft, but two in the second round is a plus. If Duchene signs in Columbus that'll be three first round picks next year, as well as three in the second and two in the third. That would make eight picks in the first three rounds! And thirteen picks in total! And then in 2021 we're sitting with eight picks, but again two in the second round.

                By the way, the CBJ pick this year is the unconditional one. The condition is on next year's first. The seconds in 2020 and '21 are from the Dzingel trade, and the third in '20 are from the Ian Cole trade.
                Add another second rounder in 2021 with Karlsson signing.


                • Sens sign Hogberg to 2 year deal. Year 1 is 2-way but Year 2 is guaranteed $700K.


                  • Good signing. Hope to see him get in games this year and be the regular backup by the start of next season.


                    • Hoping to see the Sens take Cam York at 19. The criticism against him is that he's not an elite defenseman in himself, but is just good enough to effectively quarterback USA's group of elite forwards. Well then, lets build a group of star forwards in front of him. It's not like he's going to have to be a star on defense anyway, when we already have Chabot and Brannstrom. If Brannstrom ends up playing his off-side, and those two form the top pair, York could be the guy to anchor the second pairing.

                      There is no reason to believe the Sens won't be able to build a team loaded with star-power. Sure Dorion made a bad trade or two, but his draft record still looks pristine. And he seems to be following something along the lines of the two-phase rebuild that I praised St. Louis for (I suppose they were on the third phase by the time they won the Cup). Besides Pietrangelo, they started with a bunch of two-way, low-flash prospects and young players in Backes, Berglund, Eller, Perron, Oshie, then for phase two they went for high-end skill in Schwartz, Tarasenko, Fabbri, as well as Edmundson, Parayko, Binnington.

                      The ideal scenario would be to start each wave from the net out, so we're at the end of the first wave now, with Hogberg, Chabot, White, Brown, Norris, Tkachuk, so now we start to build a core around those forwards, and hopefully add in guys like Formenton, Chlapik, Balcers, etc. Not sure any of those forwards are future superstars, Brown and Tkachuk would be most likely. But mainly we just need them to be good, solid. two-way core players who will still fit into the cap in their mid twenties. The second wave started with the trades for Gustavsson and then Brannstrom, and drafting JBD, and hopefully another defenseman high in this year's draft with York.

                      Now then, next year we'll have hopefully three first rounders, including a top five pick, and then a bunch of seconds and thirds in the 2020 and 2021 draft. So we should get a star who can play right away with that first pick next year, and then we should just start swinging wildly for the fences, using many of those high picks on high-risk, high-reward forwards. If most of our top prospects pan out, and we make a couple shrewd additions through trade and free-agency, this should be a good playoff team by 2021 or '22. But the trick is, by somewhere around 2023 or '24, before all of those first-phase players become UFA and/or start demanding too much money, the second-phase defensemen (York, Brannstrom, JBD) should be full-time players approaching their primes, the top five pick from 2020 should be in his third season approaching his prime and still on ELC for 2023, and the rest of the second-phase forwards (especially the first and seconds from 2019 and 2020) that pan out should be in their first couple years and providing cheap high-end skill to compliment the solid two-way forwards on reasonable contracts from the first phase. That will be our serious window, around 2023-'24, and it is achievable pretty much regardless of ownership and money issues. I believe Chabot will become UFA 2023? So ideally we get him on a contract that will eat into a year or two of his UFA.
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                      • My 2019 edition of the top 20 Sens prospects:

                        "Projects as" indicates a realistic ceiling. "NHL-ready" indicates an idea best-case scenario. Number in brackets shows last year's ranking.

                        1. Erik Brannstrom (N/A) D, 19 - Was a top three defenseman on his Swedish team at 18, and a top pairing defenseman in the AHL at 19. Projects as a 22-25 minute defenseman who can control the tempo of the game, make plays out of the hot zone, and run a powerplay. NHL-ready 2020.
                        2. Drake Batherson (9) RW, 21 - I wasn't completely sold on him coming out of his final year of junior. Only took a few weeks in the AHL to establish himself among the top forward prospects in the league. Projects as a 17-20 minute winger who can play with skilled players or drive a secondary line, and run the half-wall on a powerplay. NHL-ready 2019.
                        3. Logan Brown (3) C, 21 - Did not disappoint in his rookie pro season. Looked like a big, imposing top two line center in the AHL at 20, and could play a similar role in the NHL by 24. NHL-ready 2019.
                        4. Josh Norris (5) C, 20 - Was looking like he was about to make the Karlsson trade look a lot less painful, but injuries cut his season short. One of the top three or four forwards at WJC. Projects as a 17-20 minute hard-working, intelligent center. NHL-ready 2020.
                        5. Filip Gustavsson (2) G, 21 - Struggled mightily when suddenly forced into a starting role early in his first year in North America at 20, but he is still a bluechip goalie prospect with all-star potential. Projects as a 50-65 game starter. NHL-ready 2022.
                        6. Lassi Thomson (N/A) - D, 18 - Projects as a 21-24 minute D who can contribute off the rush or the cycle, and help a PP with his shot. NHL-ready 2021.
                        7. Jacob Bernard-Docker (7) D, 19 - UND had at least five defensemen at least 22 years old. Made it tough for teenage defensemen to see regular minutes, but JBD was up to the challenge. His omission from Team Canada was a mistake; expect him there this year. Projects as a 20-23 minute puck-moving defenseman with secondary PP duties. NHL-ready 2021.
                        8. Mads Søgaard (N/A) G, 18 - Higher end upside than Högberg; maybe even higher than Gustavsson, but far more uncertainty at this point. Hope to see him play in Europe after one more year of junior. NHL-ready 2024.
                        9. Christian Wolanin (14) D, 24 - Granted, he was already 23, but this was a very strong rookie pro season. Looks like an NHL player at the very least. Projects as a 19-22 minute defenseman with secondary PP and PK duties. NHL-ready 2019.
                        10. Marcus Högberg (13) G, 24 - I think I've had him as high as the top two or three of this list at one point. Reached his lowest rank a year ago as he struggled to adapt in his first year in North America. He re-established himself as a legit goalie prospect last season. Projects as a 30-50 game goalie. NHL-ready 2020.
                        11. Rudolfs Balcers (6) LW, 22 - Good sophomore pro year, and had a really solid NHL stint. Projects as a 14-17 minute winger who can contribute on a powerplay, and can drive a depth line due to his ability to challenge defenders one on one. NHL-ready 2019.
                        12. Shane Pinto (N/A) C/W, 18 - Projects as a versatile power forward/grinder who can play center or wing on any of the top three lines. I hate making player comparisons but I'm thinking of players like Nick Foligno, Colin Wilson, JT Miller. NHL-ready 2022.
                        13. Alex Formenton (10) LW, 20 - This was supposed to be his breakout year in junior but was derailed by injuries. Strong playoffs for London. Projects as a 13-16 minute winger who could help a PK with his speed. NHL-ready 2021.
                        14. Angus Crookshank (N/R) LW, 19 - Looking like maybe a late round gem one year in. Fit right in as a freshman at UNH; was the third highest scorer and second youngest player on the team. Projects as a fiesty depth winger who can kill penalties, forecheck hard and contribute some offense. NHL-ready 2022.
                        15. Vitali Abramov (N/A) W, 21 - One of those longshots-who-could-pay-off-big kinda prospects. Enormous offensive threat through his three years in junior and progressed every year, but had some difficulties adjusting in his first year pro at 5'9. Projects as a 16-19 minute offensive catalyst; whether it is in the NHL or KHL is the question. NHL-ready 2020.
                        16. Johnny Gruden (15) LW, 19 - As the youngest player for Miami last season Gruden struggled to earn regular ice time. He'll be leaving school to join London in the OHL, which could be a great fit. I'm betting he has a big year and makes Team USA. Projects as a 15-18 minute skilled winger. NHL-ready 2022
                        17. Filip Chlapik (8) C, 22 - He's been very up and down. Worse +1 season than his draft year, then a big breakout in +2. Solid rookie pro year, then little improvement as a sophomore. Projects as a depth center who will probably have to kill penalties in order to stick in the league. NHL-ready 2020.
                        18. Joel Daccord (N/R) G, 22 - Gradually improving every year, and now suddenly looks like a legit goalie prospect. NHL-ready 2023.
                        19. Jonny Tychonick (11) D, 19 - Unlike JBD, Tychonick was unable to find a regular role on UND's defense. NHL-ready 2023.
                        20. Kevin Mandolese (N/R) G, 18 - Yes, another goalie. I guess this is what happens when your head scout is a former tender. Drastically improved his ratios from his draft season while playing 13 more games, and doesn't even turn 19 until August. It is still very early, but at 6'4, he looks like a legit goalie prospect. NHL-ready 2024.


                        • How the hell did I forget that there was a Sens prospects thread that I started and instead post my top prospects list here....

                          K so I know the Sens are rebuilding a should be trying to tank, and leave room for the kids, but we do need to add some NHL bodies to force competition.

                          I've been making this argument for years when people talk about leaving roster spots open for this or that prospect. Silliness. Make them play for spots, or else this rebuild will look more like the Oilers'.

                          Seems likely that trades will be the way to go here, and rumors abound that Connor Brown is on his way to the Sens. I would be happy with that. If we were to go the free agent route for a player or two, here are the ones I could see possibly signing in Ottawa, and that I think could be ok fits:

                          Pontus Åberg, Richard Pánik, Markus Granlund, Joonas Donskoi, Brett Connolly, Dan Girardi.


                          • Looks like there's a Zaitsev - Ceci swap in the works too.


                            • Originally posted by Josh View Post
                              Looks like there's a Zaitsev - Ceci swap in the works too.
                              Haha yeah that's the Connor Brown trade to which I was referring. I've been hearing he's on the block for a while, and word is he'd be involved in that. Exactly the kind of player we should be looking for in my opinion.


                              • Not huge on Brown myself, wouldn't mind at all if he wasn't part of the deal.