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  • I'm pretty happy with the state of the team right now. Here's how I see 2021-22 shaping up, if no UFAs are kept, with questions in bold:

    Tkachuk - Norris - Batherson
    St├╝tzle - Paul - C. Brown
    Formenton - Tierney - Watson
    Abramov/Jarventie/Greig - White/L.Brown - Dadonov/Pinto

    Chabot - Zaitsev
    Brannstrom - Zub
    Mete/Sanderson - J. Brown/Bernard-Docker


    Tkachuk needs to get paid to get that team to the cap floor though. Batherson, Zub, Mete, and Gus are all due raises as well. Not sure about Logan Brown.

    Michael Amadio, Olle Alsing, and Marcus Hogberg should probably be kept in the fold, but aren't likely to be regulars.

    Sam Reinhart would be a perfect acquisition. He'd slot into the top-six at C or RW.


    • I've hardly watched any Sens (or NHL in general) this year. But it's pretty damn easy to get excited about the team right now. The first full seasons of Norris, Batherson, Stuetzle have been very inspiring, Brannstrom is showing signs of what we've hoped for from him. Down in the AHL, Sokolov and Crookshank emerged as legit NHL prospects. And of course, as soon as I started to give up on Gustavsson, he starts to emerge as something like what I always thought he might be.

      Logan Brown is the one real dark spot, as I still had pretty high hopes for him coming into this season.

      Some will be disappointed with the late season surge pushing us down the draft rankings, but I'm always going to come down on the side of winning culture over draft position,, and especially considering it isn't the strongest draft class this year. I strongly suspected the team would be much improved this year, and even despite the horrendous early season struggles, I knew it was just a matter of all the new players (rookies, trades and FAs) would take a while to gel. But I also knew that with the shortened season, there wouldn't be enough time to rally to make playoffs. I can't say I expected to end the season 7-2-1, but this was pretty much what I was expecting, and it's a great sign for heading into next year.


      • Guys, did you see Lehner going after the NHL on his twitter page?


        • Originally posted by Jasmine View Post
          Guys, did you see Lehner going after the NHL on his twitter page?
          Yeah, the stuff in defense of Jack Eichel and speaking out against overuse of benzodiazepines? Good for him.


          • Yeah some heads are most likely exploding this morning. Alain Vigneault is not having a peaceful breakfast as we speak. Nor are the Flyers big gums... and I imagine Bettman's phone is ringing off the hook.

            I'm also assuming Vegas is not enjoying having one of theirs attacking the entire league, coaches, training staff etc....


            • As @FriedgeHNIC reported a short time ago we can confirm NHL officials will reach out to Robin Lehner in the hopes of discussing his comments/concerns over medical treatment etc. in more depth. No further details on forum or timing for such a conversation as of yet. - Scott Burnside on twitter


              • Love it. Lehner has ever so gradually and quietly emerged as one of the absolute best keepers in the league. We've always all known he is a bit of a wildcard, but when you're that good you can say whatever you want. Good for him.


                • I've retired as a Sens fan.


                  • Love the Chychrun add. And solid return. Sucks to be without firsts in two consecutive strong drafts in '22 and '23, but at least the '23 pick is protected. And DeBrincat plus Chychrun are worth it.

                    This team probably should have been a playoff team this year, if not for major injuries to Chabot, Norris and Pinto. Now with Chychrun, we're sure to be a playoff team next year and could maybe even win a round or two. Batherson and Stutzle will be just entering their primes. Norris is a little behind now because of the injury but should be not to far off. Chychrun, DeBrincat, Tkachuk, Chabot all in their primes. Pinto and Sanderson are emerging, and guys like Thomson, Greig, Sokolov seem not too far off. Not to mention a glut of promising young goaltenders.


                    • DeBrincat - Stutzle - Giroux
                      Tkachuk - Norris - Batherson
                      Formenton - Pinto - Joseph

                      Chabot - Zub
                      Chychrun - Sanderson

                      This team could be a legit powerhouse next year.