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Non Call - Boston vs St Louis game 5

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  • Non Call - Boston vs St Louis game 5

    So judging on the Internets reaction on what happened in last nights game. I am assuming everyone feels the same way. That should have been a tripping call.

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    I wanted to make a few discussion points about the play.

    - First of all, the bruins player gains possession of the puck and has his back to the play.
    - He turns and looks back to see what is coming
    - You cannot get hit from behind
    - Solid plan no matter what because he turned his back he cannot be touched and he is invincible.

    This play bothers me because he put him self in that situation. Had he not turned around he would have received a legal hit.

    It also sucks that there was a goal right after the play because it only adds to the controversy of this playoffs. Had they not scored right here, no one would be thinking that the refs stole the game from boston. This is such a stupid play in my opinion. You do not turn your back to a player coming right at you to make yourself "unhittable"

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    Acciari shouldn’t have turned his back on the play, but that’s still a trip regardless in my opinion..