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Sharks Re-Sign Erik Karlsson

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  • Sharks Re-Sign Erik Karlsson

    8 years x $11.5M = $92M.

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    Too much for too long in my opinion. Sadly, I don't think EK has 8 more seasons left in him. Certainly not as an $11.5M player. But I hope I'm wrong.


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      Haha just occurred to me. There was that kid from the old forum. I can't remember his name but he claimed he had insider information because his uncle worked for Sportsnet, and he used to really grind my gears. Anyway, I remember him saying after Karlsson's rookie season that by the time Karlsson becomes UFA he would be the highest paid defenseman in the league... huh.


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        How soon is too soon to say I'm relieved he is not locked up for 8 years with Ottawa? Now?

        I don't think anyone would be angry with the deal if he was still here but we have 2 years now of injury issues. I'm not sure he can get back to the glory days of that playoff run.