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Rangers Acquire Trouba from Jets for Pionk and 20th OA

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  • Rangers Acquire Trouba from Jets for Pionk and 20th OA

    The New York Rangers sped up their rebuilding effort Monday by acquiring offensive-minded defenceman Jacob Trouba from the Winnipeg Jets. New York sent young defenceman Neal Pionk and the 20th overall pick in the draft to Winnipeg for Trouba.

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    The Rangers make out very well here. The 20th overall was originally Winnipeg's pick to begin with. New York acquired it (as well as Brendan Lemieux) in the deadline deal for Kevin Hayes, who's a pending UFA. So essentially, the Rangers got Trouba and Lemieux for Pionk and (pending UFA) Hayes. Jeff Gorton's doing a good job as GM since taking over from Sather.

    In related news, the Jets shipped Hayes to Philadelphia for a 5th, but it doesn't seem like the Flyers will be able to secure him before July 1st.


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      Also, Trouba had requested a trade out of Winnipeg 3 years ago during contract negotiations. Then they couldn't even reach a deal with an arbitrator's help. He ended up accepting a bridge deal, then as far as I can gather, requested a trade again only to rescind it later on. He's an RFA (as is Pionk) so it will be interesting to see what kind of deals they each end up with.


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        Chevaldayoff has established himself as among the best GM's in the league and I think Gorton is on his way there too.

        Chiarelli gets most of the credit for building that Bruins Cup team, but it was during Gorton's summer as interim GM that he signed Zdeno Chara, traded Andrew Raycroft for Tuukka Rask, and drafted Kessel, Marchand and Lucic...

        And now in his short time with the Rangers so far he's continuing to look like a genius.


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          The Flyers did manage to sign Hayes.


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            Yeah, over $7M a season x 7 which seems maybe a little excessive? How much is Duchene worth for example now?


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              I would expect in the 9.5 range for Duchene. I've always been on the side of players getting paid. Problem is, all the massive contracts for star players means teams have to play more young players on ELCs to fill gaps, and veterans depth players with contracts get pushed out of the league too early. Something the next CBA ought to address. I don't know how, but someone smarter than me can figure it out.

              From my recent analytics it turns out Neal Pionk was an impact player on New York's powerplay last year, but his numbers were abysmal at 5 on 5 and shorthanded, although he faced a difficult deployment. Trouba faced a slightly easier deployment 5 on 5, but he was within the margins of being a neutral influence to his team at ES, PP and SH, and his ES corsi is pretty impressive.

              Great work by Gorton finding a free asset in a college free agent and turning it into a 25 year-old former eighth overall pick. The legend is growing.