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Best two-way forwards of the 2000s

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  • Best two-way forwards of the 2000s

    Of the 2000s because that's around when I started watching hockey seriously; tough to judge defensive play for players you haven't seen much, since it doesn't really show up on the stats. I'm basing defensive play on Selke voting and reputation as well as what I remember from watching the players myself. But it is best two-way forwards, not best defensive forwards, so I tried to balance offensive and defensive ability.

    1. Pavel Datsyuk - Fewer Selkes than Bergeron, but he didn't come over until he was 23, and then lost a year of his prime to the lockout. And he was a much better offensive player.
    2. Patrice Bergeron
    3. Anze Kopitar
    5. Rod Brind'Amour
    5. Marian Hossa
    6. Jonathan Toews
    7. Jere Lehtinen
    8. Joe Sakic - Not the best defensive player on the list, but good enough to warrant appearing, and the offensive ability make up for the rest.
    9. Sergei Fedorov - Since I'm only counting from the start of the millenia, when he was already passed his prime.
    10. Ryan Kesler
    11. Mike Peca
    12. Peter Forsberg
    13. Patrik Elias
    14. Brian Rolston
    15. Mike Richards
    16. Ryan O'Reilly
    17. Brad Richards
    18. Chris Drury
    19. Mark Stone
    20. Mike Fisher

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    Good list, happy to see Lehtinen get respect. I feel like Marchand should be in there, but I know you hate him. Others that came to mind who aren’t on your list are Couturier, Getzlaf, and Backes. Maybe Couturier doesn’t count, not sure if you only mean 2000-2010.


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      Oh yeah, those are good adds, especially Getzlaf. Not surevwherevthey might fit though. I've never been as sold on Backes as a defensive forward as you, but I'd surely have him in the top 25 or 30.

      I did mean from 2000 on, not 2000-2010. So yeah I kinda forgot about Couturier, he should probably be somewhere in the top 20 too. Ugh, tough to bump Stone though.


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        I just remembered this, from world-renowned skills coach Darryl Belfry. He used to work independently but I think now he is employed by the Maple Leafs. He'd watch hours of game footage from his clients and find areas where he could help improve specific skills. Worked with Crosby, Kane, Tavares, Myers. A bunch of big names, I can't remember them all. He tweeted this back in 2015.

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