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    Hey everyone,

    So me and Josh were discussing some potential improvements to the website. The first one is upgrading to vBulletin software, which will happen, but it might not be until later in the year. But it will give the website a more professional, clean and advanced look.

    With the addition of a vBulletin forum, a new system will also be added. It was discussed on TSF, but never done - articles. Just like it was needed on TSF, the article writing will need volunteers to help write. There's plenty of sections you could write under...(written by Josh)

    Events - This can be anything from big trades, rumors, signings, retirements, and staff moves to All Star Games, Olympics, outdoor games, TV shows (eg. NHL 24/7), lockouts, and beyond. One VERY dedicated writer could cover this alone, but more realistically it would be contributed to by several writers

    Prospects - This would cover junior leagues and players, and would culminate each year in the draft. Ideally we would produce our own rankings and/or mock drafts.

    Rules - This could end up being like an online FAQ for commonly asked hockey questions. Nuances of salary cap rules, explaining the new Playoff format, clarifying abstract game rules, documenting equipment regulations, etc. I could write these articles, but they could also be written by other authors. A decent stream of ideas for this category would hopefully come from the forums, when people post confusions or questions.

    Team by Team Analysis - This would cover teams, unbiasedly, and without the need to rank or compare the teams to other teams. If one person covered it alone, he/she could cover a team per week, per example. Start with Anaheim, or go division-by-division, just cover each team equally, talk about their vets, their hopefuls, their prospects, maybe throw in something about the staff, or arena, or some current talking point among more hardcore fans. Teach the reader something about the teams. If more than one person cover this, the teams or divisions can be split up and covered more often.

    Is anybody interested in writing any of these articles? Hopefully with the vBulletin software and perhaps some more awareness, the website would grow to have a much larger user base. The articles would be expected to be better than TSN's crappy articles, but you don't have to go into as much research as someone like a Travis Yost or anything like that. Just provide some insight and give people things to think about.

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    Re: High on Hockey Improvements

    By the way, I posted this here because I figured at the time it was the most viewed board.


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      Re: High on Hockey Improvements

      Yeah, so the plan here is to create a thriving hockey community. Obviously, HFBoards is huge and they aren't going anywhere. But what we're hoping is that we can keep the close-knit feel we have here while still growing into a much larger site. Having articles is something that could set us apart, and also be a venue for drawing in new members. As these steps are taken, we will be putting a lot of emphasis on social media, specifically Twitter. We will be posting links to forum topics and to new articles, while trying to grow a Twitter following that links back to High on Hockey.

      Some things anyone can do now -

      1) If you think of any suggestions either for the forum or for the articles, PLEASE share them.
      2) If you are thinking you might like to contribute to articles, start a list of possible topics you could write about.
      3) Post more topics. Post links to news stories on other sites, whatever, anything that can get conversation going helps.
      4) Reach out. Have Facebook or Twitter? Post links to our topics and try to get people to join.