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2021 World Junior Hockey Championships

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  • 2021 World Junior Hockey Championships

    Me, my brother, and my best friend all put in for the ticket draw. My brother got picked. Looks like he can get up to 4 seats, so we can all still go. The package he got comes with 8 games total - 5 preliminary round, including Canada's Boxing Day and New Years Eve games, and then one quarters game, one semi, and the bronze medal. The quarter and semi will be Canada's assuming they make it.

    Pretty stoked, but realistically we probably won't be able to stay in Edmonton the full ten days, so we're gonna have to make some decisions and try to sell some tickets, but New Years Eve game is an absolute must.

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    Holy! That is going to be such an amazing experience. And you're going to go into beast mode on your prospect analysis 6 months from now as it starts getting closer!


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      Well fuck. Good news is it looks like the tournament will still take place.


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        Oh shit, that SUCKS. Will your brother get priority access to purchase tickets for 2022?


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          I hadn't thought of that. I would imagine so. He hasn't mentioned that he got any news from them. I'll ask him tomorrow. 2022 might be even better to go to. The 2020 class will be 19. That ridiculous top 8 or so for 2022 should all be there, including Wright and Miroshnichenko. Michkov and Bedard should be there double under-age.