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    Honestly this format is fucking amazing. It’s a curated list, what more could we ask for? I love reading through them and watching the clips, thank you for posting them.

    As for players, for now just the three I mentioned in the other thread - Branthsson, Forsfjall, and Zetterberg (less likely, though probably the one I’m most curious about). I want to see if the eye says what I think it will.


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      Oy. Trying to do a Danila Yurov game from MHL, but they have it sped up. I guess for copyright reasons or whatever. I just watched on .75x speed, but as I should have expected, it doesn't save the speed to the clips.
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        YOG Gold Medal game. USA walked all over Finland and beat a good Canada team, so that's gonna tell you a lot about just how good this Russia top line is. Miro already looks like a monster at the U17 level, so what would you expect at his own age group. I know I've already done YOG Russia vs. Finland, but I mean, its probably two top two or three picks on one line; lets really get to know them. I'll also focus on Rutger McGroarty for USA. Wasn't planning on highlighting Casey or Nazar again, but just couldn't help myself a couple times.
        4:25-4:30 Nazar being nifty again.
        5:50-6:25 You just don't wanna give these guys powerplays. Miro on the left baords, Michkov on the right.
        8:10-8:20 Miro to Michkov.
        8:30-8:35 Casey being nifty this time.
        9:05-9:30 Look at McGroarty go in tight spaces down low. Goddamn.
        9:35-9:40 Christ, the edges on this Casey kid. Risk management needs work.
        9:50-9:55 Nice move.
        10:55-11:05 I'm starting to get the sense that Nazar is a hell of a defensive forward in addition to his exceptional offensive ability. Lovely head to head battle here of Miro vs. Nazar.
        14:50-15:15 A bit more of Miro and Michkov on the PP.
        14:55 Michkov isn't a big hitter, but smartly plays the body here.
        15:10 Beautifully deceptive skating by Michkov.
        20:45-21:50 Russia back on the PP.
        21:00 Miro like to do this. Move the puck towards traffic, lure defenders into reaching in with their stick and shoot through it to create a knucklepuck effect.
        21:30 Michkov isn't big, but he battles.
        24:20-24:30 Can't take the puck off Miro. Lol it's actually Michkov's goal.
        44:55-45:05 I had to watch a couple times to be sure, but Nazar gets a piece of this on the backcheck, then makes a play going back the other way.
        46:25-46:30 Dear Lord... on top of the power, tenacity, skill, and everything else I've already talked about ad nauseum with Miro, look at the fucking awareness and vision here.
        50:10-50:55 Another Russia powerplay. I quite like that Ryan Chesley - could be a first rounder - but stupidly he kicked a Russian player's stick to give them this PP. Man, I can't get enough of Michkov's skating.
        57:20-57:25 Rutger McGroarty is good.
        1:00:10-1:01:20 Michkov is fun to watch.
        1:00:15 That fake curlback.
        1:00:40 Sweet Jesus he is slippery.
        1:17:40-1:17-50 Miro beats Casey to the puck, finds Michkov with the stretch pass, Michkov draws a penalty.
        1:18:35-1:18:50 Nazar is steadily moving up my list. What a fireball at both ends of the ice. Nazar vs. Michkov here.
        1:28:05-1:29:20 In desperation, USA tries McGroarty and Nazar on a line together.
        1:28:10 That hitch fake buys Nazar an extra couple feet.
        1:32:10 Look at the moves in tight by Miro.
        1:32:45 And then Michkov's skating again.
        1:34:24-1:34:35 I'm a broken record here, but Casey's skating again.
        1:34:55-1:35:00 Miro with some moves.
        1:35:20-1:36:00 One more McGroarty-Nazar shift.

        Nazar is closing the gap on McGroarty and Savoie for me. He's more purely skilled than McGroarty; McGroarty gets the edge due to NHL size and physicality, but Nazar's two-way abilities might be enough to make up for that. Savoie and Nazar is very close. Savoie has better moves one-on-one. Both are phenomenal skaters, I think Savoie is a bit more explosive, and Nazar is a bit smoother. Looks like Nazar is the better 200 foot player.
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          Alright here's a few Odelius clips. He's the left D wearing 6 in blue here. You don't need to look far with him; these are all from a span of 5 or 7 minutes in one game. He's maybe not the flashiest player, but every shift is like this. Escapability is off the charts. Maybe best in the draft. Leads the draft in ankles broken per 60.

          I included the earlier part of the shift to give a more complete picture, but be sure to watch up to the ankle-breaker at 20:45.

          I know sometimes I can see a couple games of a player and get excited and over-rank them, but I've seen a lot of Odelius now - probably one of my most viewed players in the draft - and the more I see, the more I like him. I'm being dead serious when I rank him inside my top 20.


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            Ankles broken per 60, lmao!

            Where is he in the last two clips? I didn't seem to notice him?


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              Originally posted by Josh View Post
              Ankles broken per 60, lmao!

              Where is he in the last two clips? I didn't seem to notice him?
              Ah yes. They're just little plays. Nothing special. The point is that you don't notice him all that much at first glance, but the more you watch you just see solid little plays like that shift after shift which gradually build up to a complete picture of how good he is.

              3rd video he's the D who gets the puck behind the net with forecheckers converging from both sides. 4th video is a similar idea, he starts out with the puck, carries behind the net and chips it along the boards.


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                Nice, thanks man.


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                  A few more of Odelius. Wearing number 6 at Hlinkas.

                  A couple of slick stretch passes, both to Ohgren, interestingly enough:



                  NHL scouts/coaches won't love him turning back and skating back with the puck as much as he does, but to me it's kinda one of those things where if it works at the level you're at, why not?


                  Did I mention he comes in at 188 lbs, and he dominated the Wingate test at the combine? Ranking first in mean power output, peak power output, and fatigue index (how far does output decline from peak to finish)? In mean output 2nd to 10th place ranged from 11.8 to 11.3 watts per kilogram. Odelius was 13.5.