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  • NHL 2K3 Video game

    I like the hocey videogame NHL 2K3.Its fun to sign players under under the salary cap?its a points systym?The player I like the most is Illya Kovalchuk.rating 89,age 20, LW.

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    My dream line is Kovalchuk,Yashin and Alfredsson


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      I've gotta admit, the 2K games were pretty dope. Was the superior franchise for a few years there from around 2002 until 2007 or so. While EA was still doing arcade hockey, 2K started going for realism. They were the first to do board battles. What a game changer that was. EA took things over with their physics around 2008 I think it was. You could actually bump into guys without a full on body check, like bumping shoulders as you skate past a guy. That was revolutionary at the time. Unfortunately, board battles still haven't improved all that much since they were first introduced almost 20 years ago. The EA games are pretty amazing now days, but I think that's the one area I'd most like to see improved.